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Конспет уроку англійської мови у 8 класі на тему "Засоби масової інформації"

Про матеріал

Урок англійської мови у 8 класі на тему "Засоби масової інформації", підготовлений для проведення на районний конкурс "Учитель року".

Урок запланований з залученням волонтера Корпусу Миру. Основна форма роботи на уроці - групова. В кінці уроку учні створюють проект. На уроці формуються навички читання, аудіювання та усного мовлення.

Перегляд файлу

Тема: Засоби масової інформації.

Мета: ознайомити учнів з лексикою теми,

           вчити розповідати про структуру газет,

           розвивати навички читання та аудіювання,

            практикувати роботу в групах,

            виховувати інтерес до читання газет.

Обладнання: газети, картки з таблицями для контролю аудіювання, картки         для закріплення лексики. 

Хід уроку

  1. Організаційна частина (4 хв).
  2. Мовна розминка (4 хв).
  3. Ознайомлення з лексикою (5 хв).
  4. Активізація вживання лексики (4 хв).
  5. Розвиток навичок читання (5 хв).
  6. Розвиток навичок аудіювання (5 хв).
  7. Проектна робота (13 хв).
  8. Підсумок уроку (5 хв).














І. Організаційна частина.

Good morning, everybody! I’m glad to see you in your beautiful school. How are you today? OK.

First, let’s get acquaintance. I’m Alla Mykolaivna, an English teacher from school 4 and I’m sure you’ll enjoy our work today/ But I came with my American friend, Benet Corri. He’s a volunteer in our school and he will work with us today because he wants to get some information on the topic. Benet Corri has been in Ukraine for a yearand he speaks Ukrainian rather good. He knows some traditions and customs of Ukraine, but he knows nothing about mass media of our country. That’s why I suggest you to speak about mass media of our country.

To the end of the lesson you will:

  • learn new words on the topic;
  • practice in reading and listening;
  • get acquaintance with the structure of the newspapers;
  • make a project about Ukrainian newspapers for Benet Corri.


II. Мовна розминка.

So, is this topic interesting for you?

I wonder is mass media important in your life?

As for me, I can’t imagine my life without my favourite newspaper “Facts”.

And what about you, Benet? Is mass media important for you? What do you prefer: TV, Internet or newspapers and magazines?

And what about you, pupils, what do you prefer?

Work in groups. But first choose the leader in your groups who will lead all your work. Now the leaders will ask all the members of your groups about their preferences in mass media and then present your findings to the class.

Start like this: The most pupils of our group like…, because …. But some pupils prefer… .

I see that you have different preferences, but today we will speak about newspapers.


III. Ознайомлення з лексикою.

What newspapers do you know? OK. But do you know what its main parts are?

Then open your books on page 20, ex. 2. Look through it with your groups and using the explanations on the handouts try to guess the meaning of the words.

Logo and title – the name of the newspaper

The price – how much money it costs

The date – when this newspaper was published

The front page – the first page

The headline – the title of the article

Index – the topics of the newspaper and the pages they are written on

Current events – the events that take place nowadays

Reporter’s name - the name of the person who has prepared the material for the newspaper

The editorial – the article written by the editor (the main person of the newspaper)

where he gives his opinion

The item – an article or a paragraph from the article or a very short article

A column –

Let’s check how you understood the words.


IV. Активізація вживання лексики теми.

Every group has its own newspaper. So, write all parts of your newspaper and then tell what parts your paper has.


V. Розвиток навичок читання.

And now when you know the structure of the newspaper read Mrs Alison lecture and find what she tells about the following points – ex. 3, p. 21:

1st gr. – the reason to read a newspaper;

2nd gr. – topics of the article;

3d gr. – a front page in a newspaper;

4th gr. – the editorial;

5th gr. - sections in a newspaper

Then report about your papers.

I think now you will manage easily with the following task: put True or False next to the sentences of ex. 4, p. 21

1. T

2.  F

3.  F

4. T

5. T

6.  F

7. T

8.  F


VI. Розвиток навичок аудіювання.

Now Benet Corri has a newspaper article for you. Listen attentively and complete the chart on your tables. Work in groups.



Reporter’s name







I want to read you about one of the newspapers of Ukraine which is called Kyiv Post and it is published in English. This issue was released on the 17 – th of December, 2010. there are a lot of interesting articles in this issue. But all of them are connected with the fortune of the richest people of Ukraine. A lot of skilled reporters work in the newspaper but the most of the articles in this issue are prepared by Mark Rachkevych, a young profound journalist. The contest of the articles you can guess from the headlines such as Rinat and the rest, Nation’s 50 richest people and Rich Man In A Poor Country.


Read your information.


VII. Проектна робота.

You have learned a lot today and I think you are ready to make a project for our guest about our Ukrainian newspapers. Tell about the parts and about the topics of the issue, what interesting information can you read in it.

Then present it to Benet.

VIII. Підсумок уроку.

Thank you very much for your work. It was very interesting for me to work with you and what about you – did you like the lesson. What was the most interesting?

Some of you were very active and they get …

At home write about your favourite newspaper and tell in the class.

The lesson is over. Good bye.

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Англійська мова (8-й рік навчання) 8 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
3 лютого 2018
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