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The gift


   Oscola McCarty spent more than 75 years washing and ironing other people's clothes. Her lined hands were the evidence of hard work. So, it was a surprise, when Miss McCarty decided to give her entire life savings - $150,000 – to the University of Southern Mississippi. Miss McCarty's gift amazed even those who thought they knew her well.

   The customers who have brought their laundry and ironing to her home for more than 75 years included three generations of some families. Initially she said she charged $1.50 to$2 a bundle but with inflation the price rose.

   "When I started making $10 a bundle, I began to save money," recollected Miss McCarty, who was born on March 7 1908. "I put it in savings. I never would take any of it out. It just accumulated."

  As her savings increased over years, McCarty washed and ironed and lived not a rich life. She never learned to drive and still walks everywhere she goes. When her mother and aunt died, they each left her some money, which she added to her savings. In 1947 her uncle died and left her a modest house in which she still lives.

   Until her donation, she was afraid to fly and had only been out of the South once in 50 years. Since then she's travelled all over the country and has been the subject of many interviews and articles. She's even visited the White House and been honoured by the president.

   Her donation of her life savings is for students who clearly demonstrate a financial need. "I want to help somebody's child go to college," said the quite spoken McCarty, who left school in sixth grade and has never married or had children. "I just want it to go to someone who will appreciate it and learn. I'm old. I'm not going to live always."

   Miss McCarty's generosity inspired many to give money to the university, and contributions came in from all over the country. Her gift has now been more than doubled.

   In a recent magazine interview McCarty was asked why she didn't spend the money earned over a lifetime on herself. "I am spending it on myself," she answered smilin


Task І. Point out if the statement is true (T) or false (F).

  1. Miss McCarty spent more than 65 years washing and ironing clothes.
  2. Miss McCarty was 75 years old.
  3. Her work was very hard.
  4. The people of two generations were her clients.
  5. Miss McCarty had much money.
  6. She goes to her clients by car.
  7. Once Miss McCarty visited the White House.
  8. She helped the students of the University with money.
  9. Many people didn't like her generosity.
  10.   Recently she gave an interview to a local newspaper.

Task ІІ. Point out the right answer.

  1. How old was Miss McCarty?
  1. 65
  2. 55
  3. 75
  4. 85
  1. What was her job?
  1. she made laundry for other people
  2. she ironed the clothes of other people
  3. she fixed the other people's clothes
  4. she washed and ironed the other people's clothes

 3. Why were people surprised one day?

      a) they got to know that Miss McCarty was very rich

      b) they got to know about Miss McCarty's donation

      c) they got to know that Miss McCarty was going to travel

      d) they got to know that Miss McCarty was going to stop her work

 4. People of how many generations were the clients of Oscola?

        a) one

        b) two

        c) three

        d) four

 5. What did Miss McCarty do with her money?

        a) she saved them

        b) she travelled a lot

        c) she gave them to other people

        d) she  bought clothes

 6. What did her mother leave her?

        a) her house

        b) her work

        c) her money

        d) her clothes

 7. What house did she live in?

         a) the one her mother has left her

         b) the one she has bought on her savings

         c) the one her uncle has left her

         d) the one the University has given to her

    8. Why did Miss McCarty travel all over the country?

         a) she wanted to see a lot

         b) she gave interviews to newspapers and magazines

         c) she visited Universities

         d) she met with students

    9. How many years did Oscola study at school?

         a) she studied for 11 years

         b) she studied for 9 years

         c) she studied for 7 years

         d) she studied for 6 years

    10. What did Miss McCarty's generosity inspire many people to do?

         a) to accumulate money

         b) to contribute to universities

         c) to organize meetings with students

         d) to write letters to Oscola

Task III. What do you think about Miss McCarty action? How would you like to spend such money?

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