Контрольна робота 11 клас ( екстернатна форма навчання)

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Контрольна робота для річного оцінювання учнів з англійської мови для 11 класу за підручником О.Д.Карп'юк
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Директор школи              

Завдання  для проведення   річного оцінювання

з  англійської мови 

учнів – екстернів

за курс 11 класу у 2023-2024 н.р.

(Завдання підготувала учитель англійської мови)

Завдання складаються та оцінюються таким чином:

№ завдання

Вид завдання

Система оцінювання

Кількість балів



Завдання альтернативного





по 0, 5 б.





Завдання множинного





 по 0,5 б.




13 - 24

Завдання множинного






 по 0,25 б.















Form 11 V-2

Read the text “ Walt Disney And His Heroes” and do the tasks.

   Walt Disney was born in Chicago, his father was Irish Canadian , his mother was of German- American origin. He revealed a talent for drawing and an interest in photography early on and after service with the American Red Cross in the First World War. In 1923 he left with his brother Roy for Hollywood and for some years struggled against poverty while producing a series of cartoon films. In 1927 he had some success with the series called “Osward the Lucky Rabbit” ,but it was not until September 1928,when “Steamboat Willie” appeared , the first “Mickey Mouse” with sound ,that he achieved lasting success. Mickey Mouse became  a household word together with such companions as Minnie ,Pluto, and- perhaps the favorite of them all – Donald Duck.

   “The three Little Pigs” and “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs”, with their still familiar songs by Frank Cherchill, immediately spring to mind. After the Second World War Disney turned  his attention to real-life nature studies and non-cartoon films with living actors. After a rather  unsuccessful feature cartoon “ The Sleeping Beauty”, he made a triumphant come-back with the very successful “ Mary Poppins”.

  In 1995 he opened “ Disneyland” , a huge amusement park in southern California.

  Disneyland is situated 27 miles south of  Los Angeles. Of all the show-places none is as famous as Disneyland. His superb kingdom of fantasy linked to technology was created by Walt Disney.

   The park is divided into six themes and there is so much to see and do in each hat no one would  attempt  to see all of them in one visit. For long visits, there are hotels nearby.

  Walt Disney died in California at the age of 65. His works have given  so much pleasure for many years to many people, young and old, in many countries.

I Mark the true (T) and false (F) statements.

  1. Walt Disney lived in the USA.
  2. After the war he lived in poverty in Hollywood.
  3. His first series of cartoon films was “Steamboat Willy”
  4. Donald Duck was not so loved by children as all the other characters of the cartoon.
  5. “ Mary Poppins” was a very successful cartoon.
  6. It’s possible to see everything in Disneyland in one visit.

Listen to the text “ Sports centers ”


II Choose the best answer A, B.

Which gym has ...

1. a good air-conditioning system

A gym A

B gym B

2. dance classes?

 A gym A B gym B

3. a shop?

A gym A

 B gym B

4. a café?

A gym A

B gym B

5. a bigger gym with more machines?

A gym A

B gym B

6. a swimming pool?

A gym A

B gym B

III   Choose the best answer a, b, c.

13.David won’t know about the party …you tell him.

a) if  b) even if c) unless

14. Clive hates parties and won’t come…you invite him.

a) if  b) even if c) unless

15. Don’t just stand there! …something!

a) tell b) say  c) told

16. George couldn’t help me. He…to ask Kate.

a)said  b) told   c)say

17.If the Titanic hadn’t hit an iceberg, it…

a) wouldn’t have sunk  b) doesn’t sink  c) would sunk

18.I would go skiing more often if we…closer to the ski  resorts.

a) live  b) lived  c) had lived

19.I washed the dishes when my daughter …

a) fell asleep  b) fall asleep  c) has fallen asleep

20.The forest …is across the street from our house is going to be destroyed soon.

a) who b) which c) where

21.Where is the newspaper…has the article about the greenhouse effect?

a) who b) which c) that

22.…in Kyiv ,he was able to see all the ancient monuments.

a)living b) having lived c) lived

23. We went home, …through the documents.

a)had looked  b) having looked c) looking

24.John, …, finally admitted to his parents that he smokes.

a) having been seen b) being seen c) seeing

IV You have seen an advertisement in the local newspaper for a job in the City Museum shop during the holidays. You are interested in applying for the job. Write a letter to the director of the Museum.

In your letter:

  • introduce yourself
  • describe what experience and special skills you have
  • explain why you are interested in the job.

Write at least 100 words.

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Англійська мова (10-й рік навчання, рівень стандарту) 11 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
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