Контрольна робота 4 клас за підручником О.Карпюк

Про матеріал

Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 4 класу за підручником О.Карпюк. Матеріал вміщує перевірку вміння вживати граматичну структуру There is/are, лексику з теми "Місто", минулий час, теперішній неозначений , дієслово "бути".

Перегляд файлу

I.Complete the sentences.

Where, central, front, isn’t, town, to

1)  Is   there a theatre in your street? — No, there   __1__,

but there’s a concert hall down the street.

2)  Where is a gallery? — It is next __2__the toy shop.

3)  Are there many beautiful buildings in your __3 ?

4) ____4_ is a telephone?.

5)  Is it the _6__street? — Sorry, but I don’t know. I’m not

from this city.

II.Match the questions with the answers.

1) Are you good at dancing?

2) What is your hobby?

3) Do you do your homework every day?

4) Does your sister often listen to music?

5) What are your friends good at?

6) What do you do on Saturdays?

a) I usually go to the sports club.

b) No, I am not.

c)  Yes, she does.

d) I like reading books about magic.

e) Yes, I do.

f) They are good at basketball.

III.Choose the correct variant.

1.She went/goes to the park yesterday.

2.We often watch /watching English cartoons.

3.There is/are many parks in my town.

4.Helen and Alice is/are friends.

5.Did /Do they do homework last Sunday?

6.Where are/is Kate and Jane?


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17 грудня 2018
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