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Контрольна робота для 6 класу по темі "Travelling"

Про матеріал
Контрольна робота для учнів 6 класу включає завдання для перевірки лексики , граматики та письма
Перегляд файлу

Travelling 6  form 

I. Read and match   


1. a token

A            a  famouse place

2. ticket

B            a good or useful quality that something has

3.  travel

C            a piece of paper that gives the holder a certain right to t            

               ravel by public transport

4.  luggage

D            a trip from one place to another

5.  advantage

E             a thing that you need to travel by underground

6 . sightseeing

F            the bags carried by the people who are traveling


b) Мatch the parts of the proverbs

  1) He who travels far                      a ) and raises the spirits                                                                 


2) There are as many paths            b) one hundred times heard     


3) Who lives knows much             c) knows much

4) One time seen is better than      d) as there are 


5) Travel broadens the mind           e) who travels      

                                                                 knows  more


II. Complete the sentences with should or shouldn’t.

1. If you are in a crowded city you ___ be careful with your money.

2. When you go to London, you ___ visit Westminster Abbey.

3. You ___ eat junk food.

4. We ____ prepare for our trip well.

5. You ___ walk alone in a strange city.

6. If someone doesn’t speak your language well, you ___  speak fast.


III  Compare two means of transport and write down the sentences like in the example: travelling by ship is longer than travelling by plane.


                             (expensive, cheap, slow, fast)


IV. Write about the advantages of travelling

-by bus

- on foot













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Англійська мова (6-й рік навчання) 6 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
23 серпня 2019
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