Контрольна робота (граматичні завдання)

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Контрольна робота (граматичні завдання) . Містить завдання на Present Perfect та at, in, on
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Task 1. Make sentences in Present Perfect

1.My father/just/come/home.


3.The students/enter/the gymnasium/yet.

4.I/just/find/new idea/for/my composition.



Task 2. Write questions in Present Perfect with yet.

1.you/finish/the puzzle/yet

2.anybody/bring/a bunch of flowers/yet

3.your father/buy/the bicycle/for you/yet

4.she/find/her/new yellow shoes/yet

Task 3. Circle the correct option

1. John is going to Paris at/ on/ in May.

2. What time does it finish? At/ On/ In  9:30.

3. There are lots of buses at/ on / in  the evening, but not  at/ on/ in  night.

4. Children are always so happy at/ on/ in Christmas.

5. I go out at/ on/ in Friday evening.

6. They will arrive at/ on/ in Sunday morning.

7. My birthday is at/ on/ in June.

8. “Bye-bye  Ann! See you at / on/ in  the evening.

9. I’m going to Australia  at/ on/ in  summer.

10. We usually meet  at/ on/ in Fridays.

Task 4. Put at, in, on

P: “What year were you born Jennifer?” J: “I was born 1)_____ 1996. I’m 13 years old.”

P: “What month?” J: “2)_____ November. I was born 3)_____ winter.”

P: “What date were you born?”  J: “4)______ November, 4th .”I was born 5)_____ a Friday.”

P: “What time?”    J: “6)_______ 6:00 0’clock 7)______  the morning. I guess I’m an early riser. Well, not 8)_____ the weekend!”

P: “Lucky you! 9)_____ Sundays I can sleep the whole morning, but not 10)______ Saturday mornings. I usually get up 11)_____ 8:30 and then I go downtown with my mom.”

J: “Do you go shopping?” P: “Yeah… My mom loves going to the street market. At lunchtime my dad meets us in a nice café. 12)_____ the afternoon, we usually go to my grandparents’ house. Well, except summer because they go to the farm the beginning of July. Oh dear, it’s too late already. I’ve got to run! Bye Jennifer.”  J: “Bye Peter! See you tomorrow evening.”


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