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Контрольна робота з англійської мови за темою "School"

Про матеріал
Тематична робота з англійської мови за темою "School" . Містить завдання на знання лексики та модальних дієслів.
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  1. Insert  the appropriate words instead of the gaps.               

                         Geography lessons

Valleys,  rivers,  oceans,  the Earth,  lake,  an island,  contains, the highest,  population, desert,  Geography,  temperate,  forests,  countries,  explorer,  discovered,  earthquakes, mountains, continents


            We started studying   Geography   this year. Our teachers tell us a lot of  fun facts

          about    the …   in the world. …  teaches us about …  , volcanoes, …,  and all kinds

         of the things.  We speak about different things in the lessons: the landscapes of our

         planet, its …  and plains, …   and seas,     and lakes.  We have learned that  

          landscapes   are different on  different … . Asia,  North America,  Europe are 

          covered with … . The largest    is the Sahara , in Africa.

              There are … and mountains, oceans, seas, and rivers on … .          

              Europe is the sixth largest continent in size and the third largest in … . It is

          famous for its      climate,  forests and grasslands.

              Asia …  the world’s  most  populous  country, China. The highest point Mount

             Everest is in Asia.

              North America’s three largest countries are Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

            Columbus … this continent, but it was named after an Italian …  Amerigo

             Vespucci. …  Superior, the  largest   fresh-water lake in the world , is on this  

               continent. The country of   Greenland is the biggest …  on the planet. 


  1. Translate into English following words:

Азія, Північна Америка, Європа, Мертве море, гора Еверест, Китай.





  1. Complete with  the appropriate prepositions:

To be covered …

To be named …

To be famous …

To participate …

To sign … …




  1. Choose  the correct alternative:

Everybody   can/has  to read Math material slowly and thoroughly.

We can/have to divide all literature into two groups depending on their form: prose and poetry.

 Pupils mustn’t/must pay much attention to all the subjects because  they

are all important.

You can/can’t be a well-educated person if you don’t know  at least one foreign language.

 They can/may make crafts, draw and paint in Art lessons.

 May/should I go out? Yes, you may.

 You look tired, you should/may have a rest.







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