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                                                Reading Comprehension Test

                                                     The job of an actor”



I. The headings have been removed from the article. Choose from the headings A–H the one which fits each gap. There are two extra headings.


1 ………………………

Actors have lives which sometimes seem completely mad to the rest of us. Sometimes glamorous, sometimes chaotic but usually a little bit mad!

2 ………………………

Imagine having a job where you have to take on a new identity every week or month! That’s what actors do. For every play or film, they have to become a different person, often with a different personality and different appearance. One week they’re kind, generous and blonde, and the next week, they’re tall, thin and arrogant! This chameleon existence must create a stressful life for actors. Or does it?

3 ………………………

Actors think about acting their new characters in different ways. Some, like Daniel Day-Lewis or Kate Winslet, use a technique called method acting to ‘live’ the role. They learn everything they can about the new person they are going to become. Then they do everything their character would do. They dress the same, they eat the same things, they talk in the same way and even try to walk like them. The idea is to start ‘thinking’ like the new character. And they don’t behave like this only in the studio or on stage, but they take the character home as well! That must be difficult for the rest of the family! Who’s going to be at breakfast with us today – Mad Max, Macbeth or the President of the USA?

4 ………………………

Other actors create their characters in different ways. Some say that changing their appearance helps them to become the new person. Costume and make-up are very important, but some actors do even more to change their appearance. Some actors eat more and work out at the gym to put on weight for some parts – like Chris Hemsworth in the Thor films – and then diet to get thin again for the next film! Some grow their hair long or even go bald! Some really good actors can make us believe that they’re taller or stronger than they really are just by the way they act. Others need a bit of help – like Tom Cruise in his high shoes, or Robert Redford, who sometimes had to stand on a box because he’s quite short!

5 ………………………

The best actors are the ones who don’t take their own personality with them into the role. They take on the new identity completely and we don’t think of the actor when we see them, but of the character. Heath Ledger, who died in 2008, was like this. He could change so completely that people wouldn't immediately think ‘Oh, that’s Heath Ledger’! He could be handsome, ugly, blonde or dark. He could be clever, stupid, funny or serious. He was a master at living the role and changing identity.

6 ………………………

Actors have a hard job and I admire them a lot. Personally, I think it’s quite enough to have just one identity!


A Money, money, money!                            E What makes the best actors

B Living the role                                           F The crazy world of actors

C Physical changes                                       G Years of study

D Identity changes                                        H Not a job for me!


II. Read the article again. Are these statements True (T), False (F) or is the information Not Mentioned (NM)?


1 Actors have stressful lives because they are constantly changing from one character role to another.        T/F/NM

2 Some actors spend time with the people they want to portray in order to really understand their lives.        T/F/NM

3 Actors sometimes have weight problems caused by the stress of being an actor.                 T/F/NM

4 It is not always apparent from films how tall actors are and some may be shorter than we think.                 T/F/NM

5 The best actors are those who maintain their own identities and personalities on stage.       T/F/NM

6 The writer of the article is envious of actor’s lives and would like to be an actor.                 T/F/NM






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