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​Матеріал до уроку "Fun and fascinating food experiences around the world"

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Fun and fascinating food experiences around the world


• вдосконалювати вміння усного мовлення.

• розвивати навички читання

• розвивати навички критичного мислення

• розвивати навички самостійної роботи з матеріалом

• виховувати в учнів вміння творчо та логічно мислити

Перегляд файлу

                           Fun and fascinating food experiences around the world


I. Read about the food experiences. Have you ever tried any of them? Which do you find the most unusual?


                                                           Fascinating food

• Have you heard of durian? It’s the smelliest fruit in the world! Native to countries like Malaysia, it’s a lot more tasty than it smells!

• The UK is famous for fish and chip shops, and in Scotland they even serve deep-fried Mars bars for dessert.

• Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ... all very normal ice cream flavours, but there are some unusual ones, too. How about cheeseburger flavour, served in Venezuela? Or octopus ice cream, found in Japan?

• In Japan, fugu, or pufferfish, is a popular dish. But be careful: if it isn’t cooked properly it contains a poison that can kill!

• The world’s first edible museum will be opening in New York in 2019. In the Museum of Food and Drink, you’ll travel the world through interactive exhibits tasting things such as coffee beans and Vietnamese street food.


                                                     Dining with a difference

• In Finland, enjoy reindeer soup in a restaurant made of ice and snow with temperatures of -5° C. Just remember to wrap up warm!

• At El Diablo restaurant in Lanzarote, Spain, the chefs cook food using the heat of a live volcano!

• You can literally taste the stars for dinner in a restaurant in Costa Rica! The chef uses a special ingredient in his steak sauce – a tiny piece of 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite that crashed to Earth 6,000 years ago.

• In Dubai, dine at 442 m in the world’s highest restaurant in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

• The Strawberry Train from Madrid to Aranjuez in Spain serves passengers strawberries and cream during the journey, with staff dressed in 19th-century costumes.

• At a hotel in Kenya, you can have breakfast with giraffes.

• Dine-in cinemas are popular in the US – great for enjoying the entertainment and a meal at the same time.

• Imagine dining 50 m high at a table suspended by a crane! Dinner in the Sky lets you do just that. It’s a travelling restaurant that has so far visited 45 countries. But don’t worry, you’re safely strapped to your seat!


                                                          Food and festivals

• Why not participate in a food-eating competition? The Hotdog Eating Contest is an annual event in the USA and last year’s winner ate 62 of them in just ten minutes!

• What are you doing on the last Wednesday of August? If you’re in Spain, take part in the world’s biggest food fight at La Tomatina Festival. Since 1945, people have been throwing tomatoes at each other in this fun event.

• Every August, a town in Minnesota, US, holds the Potato Days Festival to celebrate its potato

production. The unusual event includes a potato-peeling competition and wrestling in mashed

potato, as well as stalls for sampling delicious potato-based treats.

• Participate in a cheese-rolling race, a traditional event taking place in England each May. Roll a 4 kg round cheese down a hill and try to catch it, although it’s often difficult as the cheese can

reach 112 km an hour!


The new words to the text:

crane [n]: a tall machine used for lifting and moving heavy objects

edible [adj]: something that can be eaten

mashed potato [n]: potatoes that are crushed and

mixed with milk and butter to form a puree

meteorite [n]: a piece of rock that comes from space

native to [adj]: comes from

reindeer [n]: an animal that lives in northern regions of

Europe and North America

poison [n]: a substance that can kill you or make you very ill

sample [v]: to taste a small amount of food to see what it is like

strap [v]: to hold or keep someone in position by tying a strap around them

suspend [v]: to hang something from something else

wrap up [v]: to wear enough clothes to keep you warm

wrestling [n]: a sport in which two people fight by throwing each other to the ground


II. Circle the correct alternative.

1 You can buy ice cream in Venezuela that’s the flavour of coffee beans/cheeseburgers.

2 The world’s highest restaurant is in Dubai/a travelling one.

3 There’s an American food festival with the unusual sport of wrestling in tomatoes / potatoes.

4 In Spain, you can eat fruit by a volcano/while travelling.

5 You can take part in a fun competition in which you run after hotdogs/cheese.

6 Costa Rica/Finland has a restaurant serving food with a very old ingredient.


III. Write the country the speaker is from.


1. Every summer, my country hosts the best festival ever. You have to

throw food at each other and afterwards you’re all red!                                      ________

2. It’s really cold where I live, but the food is delicious. If you visit, 

you must try the special soup.                                                                              ________  

3. I love eating this after my main course when I go to a fish and chip

restaurant.                                                                                                             ________

4. My grandfather enjoys this food, but it can be unsafe!                                    ________

5. At the weekends, I go to watch a film with my friends and we have

lunch there, too.                                                                                                     ________

6. People all over the world come to this hotel in my country for a very

special dining experience with animals.                                                                ________


IV. What do the numbers refer to? Read and write.

1 45

2 62

3 112

4 442

5 6,000

6 4


V. Work with a partner and discuss the questions.

1 What fun and fascinating food experiences can visitors to your country have?

2 Have you ever tried any of the foods or food experiences that your country offers? Have you ever tried any in other countries?

3 Why do you think it is fun to try out new and interesting foods and food experiences?



The keys:

II.   1 cheeseburgers    2 in Dubai   3 potatoes    4 while travelling     5 cheese     6 Costa Rica

III.   1 Spain 2 Finland 3 Scotland 4 Japan 5 USA  6 Kenya


45 = the number of countries the Dinner in the Sky travelling restaurant has visited

2 62 = the number of hotdogs last year’s winner of The Hotdog Eating Contest ate

3 112 = the number of kilometres an hour a rolling cheese can reach in a cheese-rolling race

4 442 = the height in metres of the world’s highest restaurant

5 6,000 = how many years ago a meteorite crashed to Earth that is now used as an ingredient in a Costa Rican restaurant

6 4 = the number of kilos the cheese needs to be in the cheese-rolling race


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