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Mass Media: testing activities

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Перегляд файлу

Mass Media

I Choose the appropriate word from the box:


different      media           source      can’t        uses 


Newspapers, TV, radio, the  Internet is the mass….(1)

Everybody ….(2) it.  Mass media informs us in …(3) directions.

It is a great world ….(4) of  information.

Nowadays you  …(5) live without information.


II  Read the following passages and do different tasks on each of them:


Media is present all around us. For example, when we watch the Television; listen to the radio; read books, newspapers, magazines, journals; etc.

The mass media helps people to remain informed and updated about the various news, events, social activities, lifestyle, entertainment, and advertisements irrespective of the geographical barriers. For example, while sitting in India, one can get all latest news and events of UK, or the USA.

True/ False:

  1. We can find mass media everywhere.
  2. People help mass media to remain informed and updated about the various news.
  3. If you live in India, you can’t  get all latest news and events of  the UK, or the USA.


Thus, it can be concluded mass media have a powerful influence in shaping people’s  lives.
However, mass media can have both positive and negative impact on the lives and on the minds of the people.

Find the equivalents in English:

  1. Таким чином, можна зробити висновок…
  2. Потужний вплив у формуванні життя людей
  3. Може мати і позитивний і негативний вплив на…


National TV Channels hold  educational programs. They help in educating  children.

Social networking platforms like Facebook has brought people closer to each other.

 People now can easily keep in touch with their friends, relatives who resides abroad.

Answer the questions shortly:

  1. What  do National TV Channels hold?
  2. Whom do they help in educating?
  3. Which platform has brought people closer to each other?

III Match the parts of the information:


The Internet is one of the


new civilizations, travel to the past


Within seconds you can learn about


easily and buy anything you would like even abroad


You can go to


protect your  information with a password


You can do online shopping


chat rooms  and hear touching human stories


Some people are bloggers who


write an online diary and have their blog


But you should be careful and always


most  powerful educational tools

IV. Answer the following questions about you:

  1. Do you have a computer?
  2. How often do you surf the Internet? Why?
  3. What are your favourite websites?
  4. Have you ever done any online shopping? What did you buy?
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