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Матеріали для квесту "Весела англійська" для 5-11 класів

Про матеріал
Позакласні заходи мають спонукати учнів до самостійного опрацювання великої кількості матеріалу, прагнення самовдосконалюватись. Коли ж час на виконання завдань обмежений, учні використовують власний творчий потенціал. Відповіді на загадки та продовження прислів'їв може не збігатись з оригіналом але має бути дотепним і влучним. Запропонований матеріал можна використати для роботи учнів у групах та індивідуально.
Перегляд файлу

                     Fill in the blanks in the words with correct vowels

                          A Polite Question   (5-6 forms)

Peter was 10 y..rs old. One day his friend, Paul, said to him , “I’m going to have a bir..day p.rty on S.turday, Peter. Can you come?”

Peter asked his m.ther, and she said, “Yes, you can go”. She phoned Paul’s m.ther to tell her. Before Peter went to the p.rty on S.turday afternoon, his m.ther said to him, “Now, Peter, don’t forget to be polite. Don’t ask for f..d. Wait until someone gives it to you”. “All right, mum,” Peter answered and went to Paul’s h..se on his bicycle.

There were a lot of children at the p.rty. They played together for an hour, and then Paul’s m.ther gave them some f..d. But she forgot to give Peter any. He waited politely for a few min.tes, and then he held his plate up and said loudly, “Does anyone w.nt a nice clean plate?”




                           A Clever  Boy     (7-8 forms)

A y..ng boy was playing with a b.ll in the street. He kicked it too hard, and it broke the window of the h..se and fell inside. A lady came to the window with the b.ll and shouted at the boy. So, he ran away, but still he w.nted his b.ll back.

A few minutes later the boy returned and kno..ed at the door of the h..se. When the lady answered it, he said, “My f.ther is going to come and fix the window very soon”.

After a few minutes a man came to the door with the tools in his hand. So, the lady let the boy take his b.ll away. When the man finished fixing the window, he said to the lady, “That will cost you ten dollars”. “But aren’t you the f.ther of that y..ng boy? The woman asked, looking s.rprised. “No”, he said, also s.rprised. “Aren’t you his m.ther?








                  Her Husband’s Bones    (9-11 forms)

Mr. Grey was a b..logy professor. And he had a big collec..on of extremely r.re bones which he was pr..d of. Then one year he managed to get a new and better job at another univ..sity. As Mr. Grey was very b.sy, his wife made the arrangements for all their posse..ions to be taken in a moving van to their new h.me while he was aw.y at work.

The following w..k three men started taking the things out of Mr. Grey’s house and loading them into the van, when one of them brought out a large w..den box. He was just about to throw it into the van with all other things when Mrs. Grey ran out of the house and said, “Please, tr..t that box very gently! That one has all of my husband’s bones in it.” The man was so s..prised that he nearly dropped the box on his f..t.



Proverbs to be finished

5-6 forms 

1.East or West, …..

2.Everything is good ….

3.There is no place….

4.A friend to all….

5.Like father….

7-8 forms

1.A sound mind…

2.Health is better…

3.Like father….

4.An Englishman’s house …

5.An apple a day….

9-11 forms

1.So many men….

2.Early to bed, early to rise….

3. A good beginning …

4.Don’t trouble trouble till…

5.A friend in need…


Riddles     (5-6 forms)

1.I have many leaves,

But I’m not a tree.

I’m something nice,

Come and read me.

2.He doesn’t speak,

Nor does he sing,

Nor at the doorbell

Give a ring.

But still he lets

His master know

Who wants to see him:

A friend or foe.

3.The field is white,

Black is the seed,

And the sower who sowed it

Was cleaver indeed.

4.Without a tongue,

Without an ear,

I can speak,

And sing and hear.

5.The little old woman has twelve children:

Some short, some long, some cold, some hot.





Riddles  (7-8 forms) 

1.You can’t hear me, but you

Can see me all around;

Falling softly from the sky,

I’m white upon the ground.

2.What belongs only  to you, and yet is used more by others than by yourself?

3.It’s white and cold and sweet,

All children and adults like it.

4.What falls and never rises?

5. It runs and runs,

But it’ll never run out.

It flows. Who knows

What I’m talking about?


Riddles  (9-11 forms)

1.What is full at night and empty in the daytime?

2.Who shaves many times a day and still has a beard?

3.When is a piece of wood like a king?

4.What goes up when the rain goes down?

5.What is the best place to put a cake in?



Make as many rebuses on the topic you are learning now as you can



Complete the crossword in horizontal. In vertical they have a given word

5-th form  : cathedral

6-th form : travelling

7-th form : treatment

8-th form : entertainment

9-th form : deforestation

10-th form : earthquake

11-th form : masterpiece


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