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Методичний супровід до Тижня англійської мови

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В даній розробці представлено матеріал для проведення позакласного заходу з англійської мови в рамках предметного тижня.
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Заняття з англійської мови з обдарованими  учнями

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«Віртуальна подорож до Лондона»


Мета: зацікавити учнів у вивченні англійської мови, викликати позитивне ставлення до процесу пізнавання, розвивати в учнях комунікативну активність, виховувати зацікавленість життям людей в англомовних країнах, зокрема в столиці Великобританії Лондоні, розвивати техніку говоріння, вмотивовувати необхідність і значущість володіння іноземною мовою як неповторним засобом міжкультурного спілкування, виховувати почуття причетності до світової історії та культури.


Обладнання: ноутбук, проектор, мультимедійна презентація, ілюстрації та фото.


Хід заняття

Вступне слово вчителя:

  • Dear children! Today we are going to learn about one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. This is London. Let’s enter the plane!


  • Last week you were given special tasks to make short reports about the most famous sightseeing in London. You may use your notes and you are welcome!



Основна частина

Виступи учнів з підготовленими розповідями

 Pupil 1 – London is the capital of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is a very old city. It stands on the River Thames. There are a lot of bridges over the Thames.


Pupil 2 – This is Trafalgar Square. It is situated in the centre of London. It is a popular tourist place. There are a lot of Monuments and statues in the square. It was named after the victory of the Royal Fleet in Trafalgar battle in 1805.

Pupil 3 – Now we are coming up to the National Gallery. It was founded in 1824.  It has got more than 2000 masterpieces of the world art. About 6 million visitors come to the gallery every year.

Pupil 4 – Look at the photo. This is Buckingham Palace. Do you know who lives there? The British Queen and her family live in this palace. However, it is also very popular with tourists from all over the world. When the monarch is in the palace, the royal flag is on the roof. 

Pupil 5 – This is St. Paul’s Cathedral. This is one of the oldest cathedrals in Great Britain. It is dedicated to Saint Paul. The cathedral is situated on the highest hill in the city.

Pupil 6 – Tower Bridge connects two banks of the River Thames. It was built in 1894. It is one of the symbols of London and Great Britain. People can walk along this bridge over the River Thames.

Pupil 6 – This is the Tower of London. Now it is a museum bit two centuries ago it was a prison for criminals who fought against the monarchy. Nowadays we can see the Royal treasures and monarch symbols. 

Pupil 7 – This is Big Ben. Some people think it is the name of the tower but actually, it is a clock. A legend says when the tower was being built a tall man named Ben worked there. He was very popular with all the workers. So the tower was named in his honour. 

Робота в групах – відповіді на питання


Teacher – Now, children, let us check your knowledge. Look at the slide and answer the questions.








Хвилинка відпочинку


Teacher – I think you are a bit tired. I offer you to sing a song. It is very popular with English children. They play games and sing this song. It is called “London Bridge is falling down”.


London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady.

Розгадування сканворду

Teacher – Let’s do some exercises for your brains. Find the places of interest in the following box.

Big Ben, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Oxford Street, St Paul's Cathedral, The Tower of London, Westminster.





A  C  Y  U  B  V  M  U  F  V  P  X  Y  X  B  P  T

I  F  P  O  X  F  O  R  D  S  T  R  E  E  T  D  S

F  L  D  A  P  A  T  Q  X  R  B  T  I  S  V  N  Y

F  H  K  H  S  E  Z  J  P  J  Z  O  R  V  S  B  B

S  T  P  A  U  L  '  S  C  A  T  H  E  D  R  A  L

K  K  Y  Q  I  X  A  V  E  U  Y  N  H  W  A  R  V

C  Q  H  J  B  Q  U  B  Q  R  X  X  C  S  D  Q  V

S  N  C  O  K  N  N  T  D  D  A  G  K  U  K  W  V

U  E  O  Z  K  H  X  N  L  K  T  Q  M  W  I  O  V

J  B  H  O  R  O  C  K  E  Q  M  I  O  N  Q  K  Z

E  G  W  E  S  T  M  I  N  S  T  E  R  G  K  R  G

J  I  B  R  I  T  I  S  H  M  U  S  E  U  M  K  F

D  B  K  X  J  C  W  V  F  H  M  L  B  I  I  E  R

J  C  W  I  A  D  Y  J  O  G  R  X  T  E  Y  N  S

J  Q  P  H  U  O  L  O  N  D  O  N  E  Y  E  I  N

T  E  C  A  L  A  P  M  A  H  G  N  I  K  C  U  B

N  O  D  N  O  L  F  O  R  E  W  O  T  F  D  S  Q


Підведення підсумків заняття


Teacher – You have a special home task. I give you a crossword to be done at home. You may use any resources you like: books, references or the Internet.

London crossword


1. Lord Nelson was an ...... .
3. London is the capital of Great...
4. A ...... is one of the large black birds that live in the Tower of London.
5. The largest park in London is... Park.
6... Square is in the centre of London.
7. The famous English architect Sir Christopher ... built a lot of churches in London.
9. ...... Square is the literary part of the city. Many writers and critics live there.
11. In the middle of Trafalgar Square is a monument to Lord...
12. The political centre of London is ...... .
13. The name of London in Roman times was...
17. The ... is the oldest part of London. There are a lot of banks and offices there.
19. The British Prime Minister lives at number 10... Street.
20. Big Ben got its name after Sir Benjamin...
21. Before William the Conqueror came to England he lived in ...... .
25. In front of Buckingham Palace is the Queen... Memorial. 
26. The Tower of London was a fortress, a ..., a prison and the King's Zoo.
27. The... Museum was founded in 1753.
29. One of the famous London cinemas is the...
30. Now the Tower of London is a... You can see a lot of interesting things there. 
32. The Royal... House is in the centre of the former fruit and vegetable market.


2. Until 1749, there was only one bridge over the Thames: ... Bridge.
3. The Great Fire of London started in the house of the king’s...
6. William the Conqueror built the White ...... to live in it.
8. Westminster ... is one of the most famous churches in London. It is more than 900 years old.
10. In Westminster you can see a long grey building with towers which is the Houses of...
12. ...... the Conqueror came to England in 1066. 
14. On 2nd September 1666 the Great ...... of London began. 
15. There are four bronze ... at the foot of Nelson's Column.
16. Big ... is the name of the clock and the bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament.
17. It took 35 years to build St. Paul’s...
18. ...... Street is London's main shopping centre.
22. There are two fountains in front of the... Gallery, which is one of the best picture galleries in the world. 
23. The ... left Britain soon after 400. 
24. London stands on the River ...
27. The Queen of England lives in... Palace.
28. William the Conqueror came to England from...
31. Many great writers are buried in the ...' Corner in Westminster Abbey.
33. ...... Garden is one of the most famous London theatres.
34. The British Museum is in Great... Street.



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