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Основа-план для написання розповіді за темою "Survival"

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План- основа для написання розповіді за темою "Survival" в 6 класі спеціалізованої школи

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  1. It is interesting to imagine yourself on the desert island.
  2. I think, I would feel (frightened/ lonely/ brave…) if I were shipwrecked on it.
  3. First, I would explore the island, look for food and water, build a home.
  4. I would use (leaves/ wood/ trees/ sticks/ a rope/ sails…) to build a shelter and a fence.
  5. Then, I would try to find a river or a spring so that I could get fresh water.
  6. I would eat fish, fruit, plants and hunt animals for meat.
  7. Moreover, I would build (a raft/ a boat) and make a fire to attract passing ships in order to escape.


  1. But we can think about more realistic situations in our life.
  2. If my friends and I go camping to the forest, we will have to take some important tools and supplies. We will take …(a penknife, matches, a rope, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag, a tent, a whistle, a compass, a water bottle, a fishing line …).
  3. First, we will find a quiet and safe place to put our tent. We can also use …(parts of trees, sticks, rocks, stones …) in order to make a table and a bench.
  4. Furthermore, we need to eat and drink something. We should explore the place so that we can find some berries and catch fish with a fishing line in the river near by. We should also make water supplies.

12. Next, we should make a fire in order to stay warm and cook some food or make some tea. A fire can also protect us from animals.

13. In my opinion, if we plan everything carefully and take all needed tools and supplies, we will have a great time and plenty of happy memories.

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