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Підсумкова контрольна робота у 9 класі за темою “Amazing Britain” (підручник А. Несвіт)

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Підсумкова контрольна робота у 9 класі за темоюAmazing Britain” (підручник А. Несвіт) включає чотири лексико-граматичні завдання, відповідає Програмі та змісту підручника.

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Підсумкова контрольна робота у 9  класі за темою

Amazing Britain” (підручник А. Несвіт)


I. Match the words with their definitions.


1to exist

A all humans, thought about as one large group, the human race

2 heritage

B to be real, to be present in a place or situation, to live

3 to launch

C an official agreement between countries or leaders

4 mankind

D a place where a building, town etc. was, is, or will be located

5 a site

E a place where a river is shallow enough to be crossed it

6 a convention

F to write or cut words, your name, etc. onto something

7 to inscribe

G to start an activity, especially an organized one

8 a landmark

H a building or a place that is very important because of its history, and that should be preserved

9 a ford

I the history, traditions and qualities that a country or society has had for many years and that are considered an important part of its character


II. Complete the sentences with the words: smoke, say, watch, travel, be, come.

1. He prefers ____ by train to flying.

2. I am afraid of ____ late for the flight.

3. He suggests our ____to see him.

4. ____ cartoons is always fun. 

5. He left us without ____ a word.

6. ____ is not allowed here.


III. Underline the correct item. 

1. Penny loves visiting / visit museums.

2.  Jane isn't used to get up / getting up early in the morning.

3. The boys went hiking / to hike in the woods yesterday.

4. Nikos agreed buy / to buy my old laptop.

5. Swimming / To swim keeps you fit.

6. They decided selling / to sell their old car.


IV. Imagine your school is a partner of one of the British schools. What information about Ukrainian sites, landmarks and traditions can you give them? Choose those you’d like to tell and write a paragraph about.

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