Урок-ділова гра з англійської мови у 9 класі «Екологія регіонів»

Про матеріал

Урок – ділова гра з англійської мови у 9 класі «Екологія регіонів» розвиває усне мовлення учнів та дає можливість для розвитку критичного мислення, вчить дітей висловлювати свої думки.

Перегляд файлу

Тема. Екологія  регіонів 

Мета: удосконалювати знання учнів про екологію та проблеми сучасного суспільства та необхідність дбайливого ставлення до природи; вдосконалювати лексичні навички й навички усного мовлення, читання й аудіювання; систематизувати лексичний і граматичний матеріал. Розвивати логічне мислення і пізнавальні інтереси учнів. Виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань і любов до природи.

Обладнання уроку: Дидактичний матеріал, комп’ютер, дошка, картки.

    Хід уроку

І. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення

1. Greeting. T-Ps:

 Good morning everybody. I’m glad to see you again!

2. Check on homework.

 T: Your home task was to revise the material according our topic and I think you are ready to compete. Good luck.

3. Warming-up. 1) Role-play the situation.(слайд 2,3)

T:The drives of our town decided to build a garage very near our favourite park. They cannot find a better place than our park. The angry citizens have come to a meeting with the Major of the city. Let’s take part in this meeting. Complete the following.

You ________ cut down the trees.

    _______ deforestation.

You ________ take the park out of our town.

 _______ our park.

  Where _______we walk if we don’t have the park. 

2)T: What do you know about the environment?  Let’s make up the Mind-Map.



forests   air    rivers

seas     water    plants

T: What does the word “environment” mean to you?  

P1: Environment is our surroundings and what around us. 
Its where we live. Some environments are cleaner than others and that's a healthy environment, sadly some places are not. This is caused by pollution and littering.

P2: The environment is all the things we need to be able  to live - clean water to drink , air to breathe and healthy food to eat.

4. Aim and tasks. (слайд 4)

 T: We are going to speak about Nature, ecological problems, how to save our planet.

Your tasks are:

-To speak English as much as possible,

-To listen attentively and try to understand everything,

 -Not to be afraid to make mistakes,

-To express your opinion,

-To show your knowledge of the vocabulary on the topic

II. Основна частина уроку.

T: To speak about the environment don’t forget to use some phrases.

  1. Vocabulary revision.

 1) T: Match the English and Ukrainian sentences. ( слайд 5 + запис на дошці)

  1. Keep your country tidy.
  2. Keep off the grass.
  3. Put your litter in the bin.
  4. Keep dogs under control.
  5. Recycle!
  6. Respect the life and work of the countryside.


  1. Бережи природу!
  2. Не смітити!
  3. Переробляйте відходи!
  4. Поважайте життя при роди!
  5. По газонах не ходити!
  6. Вигул собак заборонено!

Keys: 1a,2e,3b,4f,5c,6d

2) T: Choose the best way to define the terms (cards). Work in pairs.




The problem of temperature rise in the Earth’s atmosphere.




Making water, air, atmosphere dirty and dangerous for people

 and animals to live in.


Greenhouse effect


Air, water and land, in which people, animals and plants live.




The relationship between the air, land, wateranimals, plants, etc., usually of a particular area.

Keys: 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b

  1. Discussion.  (слайди 6,7,8,9)

T:At home you have found the information about environmental problems. What environmental problems do we have? What does air pollution cause? P1 reads.

How do people pollute water? P2 reads.

What are the problems with deforestation on our Earth? P3 reads.

How does greenhouse effect work? P4 reads.

P1 - Air pollution is a very serious problem. Factories emit tones of harmful chemicals. These emissions are the main reason for the green house effect and acid rains. Air pollution causes acid rains, a damage of the ozone layer, a green house effect, changes in the climate, global warming.

P2- Water is very important for life on the Earth. There is much water in our planet but at the same time it is there is little water on it. It is so because very little water on the Earth is good for drinking. In many rivers and lakes water is very dirty. In many places water is not drinkable. When people drop letter such as plastic and cans, food bags and cigarette butts, they can be washed by the rain into the rivers and other waterways. Plastic rubbish is very danger for water and water animals.

P3 - The world has many forests and different species of trees. But they are disappearing fast. People cut the trees down because they need wood and paper or new places for farms and houses. It’s an international disaster. Even if new trees are planted, it takes many years for them to grow.

P4 - Our atmosphere is covered with the ozone layer as a blanket. It protects from the dangerous rays of the sun – the so called ultra-violet radiation. Now there are holes in the ozone layer, one over the South Pole, and the second – over the North Pole. It is dangerous for people to stay in the direct sunlight. It can cause a cancer of skin.

3. Writing. Pair work.  (слайд 10)

T P1-P2: Let’s go on to the problems closer to us. Problems devoted to the ecology of our town. Fill in the gaps in the sentences.

  • We ____ away too much and in the wrong ______. (throw, place)
  • We leave _____ near the Kakhovske sea.(litter)
  • The water is ______ there.(dirty)
  • The _____ becomes dirtier because of many cars. (Air)
  • I see a lot of ______ in streets of our town every spring. (rubbish)

4. Speaking. Group work. (слайд 11)

 T: And what do you personally do to keep the Earth clean? You have some cards but they are mixed. Find out the correct sentences.

- I don’t throw litter in public place.

- I plant a tree every year in the garden.

- I never break glass bottles.

- I don’t cut wild flowers.

- I take part in a clean-up day.

- I plant flowers in the garden.

- I save water.




III. Заключна частина

  1. Summarizing. T-P1, P2, P3: I see you understand the ecological problems of our area. So let’s make Ecological Rules. I think these rules should be placed all over the town. Take turns to choose the rule.(слайд 12,13 )
  1. – Don’t cut trees.
  2. – Don’t throw rubbish everywhere.
  3. – Keep the country tidy.
  4. – Keep dogs under control.
  5. – Grow trees and flowers.
  6. – Don’t kill birds and animals.
  7. – Don’t cut flowers.
  8. – Don’t burn fires.

T: (слайд 14): Our lesson is coming to the  end. In conclusion I’d like to tell you that the protection of nature is everybody’s business.

  1. Homework.

T: Your homework is to make a report about ecological problems of our town.







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Англійська мова (для спеціалізова-них шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови) 9 клас (Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В)
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