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План-конспект уроку англійської мови "Історія та традиції свята Хелловін"

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План-конспект уроку з англійської мови у шостому класі "Історія та традиції свята Хелловін"
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                                                             Lesson plan

Date:                                      Group: 6                                Lesson:

Topic: Halloween. History and traditions.



to learn new words and word combinations, to review Past Simple Tense, to play games, to sing songs and act them, to read scary stories

By the end of the lesson the learners will be able to learn new words and word combinations. They’ll have learnt new information about Halloween and celebration this holiday.



Pumpkins, paper noses, songs, worksheets (the words of the song, scary stories, lists  of new words), video, a blindfold, costumes


I Greeting

II Aims

III The main part of the lesson

  1. Reading and translating a scary story on the carpet using light candles

                                                 The wanishing hitchhiker
         My Uncle Joe was driving home late one night when he picked up a pretty girl hitchhiking in a white dress. The girl was very nice and they had a good conversation. He drove her home and dropped her off at her house. The next day, he realized she left her sweater in his car. He decided to drop the sweater off at her house. When he rang the bell, an old lady answered the door. He told her his story and she told him he was mistaken – her daughter died in a car accident after a night of dancing many years ago…


  1. Watching the presentation  about Halloween.
  2. Answering the questions.

  When is Halloween?
  What do children wear on Halloween?
  How do they dress up?

 What do people do with pumpkins?

 Why do kids go from house  to house?

 How do people decorate their houses?

Whom do people give sweets?

  1. Memorising the words using the game “ A round orange pumpkin”

Children pass a little pumpkin to each other saying new Halloween words until it becomes a big one. One pupil says one word the other says the previous word and says his/her own one, the third pupil says two previous words ans says his/her own word and so on.

      to dress up             a cobweb
      a gravestone         masks
      a skeleton              costumes
      a vampire               to decorate
      a witch                    sweets                                         
      to trick-or-treat      a pumpkin
      a trick-or-treater    a monster   

  1. Listening to the song “Trick –or-treat”.  Pupils sing. Children wear costumes and act out the song.
  2. Halloween game
              Pin the nose on the pumpkin”

Pupils have closed eyes. They are twisted and after that they stick a paper nose on the pumpkin. About 15 participants can take part in this game.

  1. Game “Who has…? I have a…”

Pupils have got cards with pictures what they have and the questions which they ask. There are 30 cards.

 For example,       -Who has a place where spiders live?

                               - I have a cobweb! Who has a scary man with a green face?

                               - I have a monster! Who has a ..?

8. All the pupils have masks or costumes, watch the video and dance Urban Halloween dance.

IV The ending of the lesson

  1. Feedbacks

- Have you ever had about Halloween?

- Is it interesting/boring/terrible for you?

- Will you celebrate it?

   2. Homework

      - Find new information about Halloween and do projects using it.





Mykolaichuk Liliya Vasylivna
25 жовтня 2019
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