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Театралізована вистава "Cinderella"

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Позакласний захід, театралізована вистава "Cinderella - the way to happiness!"
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After Charles PERRAULT,

A French writer (1628 - 17003)


Characters:   The Narrator, Cinderella, Stepmother, two sisters, Fairy, Prince,

                       King, Queen, Page, Messengers, Lords and Ladies, Chorus.


Scene 1

A room in house.



                          Oh, I’m so tired! I’ll go and have a little rest.

 Stepmother:      (to her daughters)  :

                          Where is Cinderella? I don’t see her. I wonder what she is doing?             

 (She sees Cinderella sitting down.) Cinderella, what are you doing 


Cinderella: I was only having a little rest.

Stepmother:     A rest indeed What do you think I feed and clothe you for? Just to

 rest? Now get on with your work and don’t dare to rest.

 (Cinderella begins sweeping again.)

The First Sister:

                           Look, Mother, I’ve finished my necklace.

Stepmother:      Oh, it’s beautiful!

The Second Sister:

                            And look, Mother, I’ve finished my handkerchief.

Stepmother:       It’s Lovely! What clever daughters!

The First Sister:

                            I feel so cold! Bring some more coal!

The second Sister:

                            Hurry up!  The fire’s nearly out.

(Cinderella comes in, carrying a heavy ducked.  She begins to put the coal into the fire. )

The First Sister:

                           That’s enough! Now go and get my woolly slippers.

                                Go on! Be quick!

                                (Cinderella goes out and returns with the slippers.)

                                Well, put them on, stupid! Don’t stand there, holding them!

The Second Sister: Get me a shawl, Cinderella! I feel cold!

                                 (Cinderella goes out and returns with the shawl.)

                                  Put it round my shoulders!

Stepmother:           Now go away and get on with your scudding!

Chorus (while Cinderella works):

                                  Oh, dear, poor Cinderella,

                                  Oh, dear, poor Cinderella,

                                  Working away all the day!

                                  She used to wear dresses

                                  So dainty and sweet,

                                  But now she wear raqs,

                                  And no shoes on her feet;

                                  She used to be happy –

                                  As happy could be,

                                  But now she is sad,

                                  You can see.


                              Now in a town, not far away, was the palace where

                               Lived the King, the Queen and their only son. One

                               day the King decided to give a grand ball. All the

                               lords and ladies were invited to the ball, so that the

     Prince could choose one of the ladies to be his wife.

                               Cinderella’s stepmother was one of the first to hear

                               about the ball.


                              Daughters, come here!  I have such wonderful news!


The First Sister: 

                              What is it, Mother?



                               The King is giving a ball!

Sisters: (together) :

                                A ball?!


                               Yes, al the ladies in the land are invited.

The Second Sister:

                                Oh Mother will we be invited?


                                Yes, of course, we will.

Cinderella:  (coming in):

                                Will I be invited, too?


                                Listen to Cinderella!

Cinderella: (tearfully):

                            Well, Stepmother said all the ladies in the land will be invited.


                             Ladies, stupid, not kitchen-maids! And you have no right to

                             listen to anything I say. (She leads away her daughters.) Come,

                             daughters, we’ll  go and talk somewhere else. (They go out.)


                              A few days later the King’s messengers set out with invitations

                              to the ball.

Messenger: (hanging  Cinderella the invitation):

                              Give this to your mistress! (Goes away.)

Stepmother: (coming in):

                              Give it to me! It’s the invitation to the ball.

                              Daughters! (They run to her.) Look! The invitation to the ball!

Sisters (together):

                             Open it, Mother. Read it, Mother, quickly!

Stepmother (opening the invitation and reading it):

                             «The King invites you to a ball, where his son, the Prince, will

                              choose a lady to be his wife.»

The First Sister:

                             «… will choose a lady to be his wife!» Oh, Mother, will he              

   choose me?

The Second Sister:

                               Or me, Mother?


                              Do you think, the Prince might choose you for his wife?

                              Ha-ha-ha! (To her daughters.)  Come, daughters, we must try

                              on our dresses!


The Second Sister:

                              I will wear my yellow satin.


The Second Sister:

                               I will wear my red velvet.


                              On the night of the ball all the ladies were busy making

                              Themselves beautiful. Cinderella’s stepmother and her  

                              stepsisters were busiest of all.


                              Cinderella, brush my hair!

The First sister:

                   Cinderella, help me to put on my dress.


                    Cinderella, get my fan! Not that one. And hurry, the coach will be here

                    in a minute!

  The First sister:

                    Oh, look at my shoes! Polish them, Cinderella!


The Second Sister:

                    Cinderella, get my gloves! Quickly! I hear the coach!

(The stepmother and the sisters drove away. Cinderella is alone.)



                    I`m so tired. Now I can rest for a little.

 (She sits down and falls asleep. The Fairy comes in.)


Fairy:         Wake up, little one! (Cinderella opens her eyes.)


Cinderella: Oh, who are you?


Fairy:          I am a Fairy. I have come to help you. Do you wish to go to the ball?


Cinderella: Oh, yes, but I have no dress to wear, no shoes, no coach.


Fairy:          Do as I`ll tell you, dear! First, open the mousetrap and let the mice run 

                    into the garden.

(The Fairy touches each, in turn, with her wand.)


Cinderella: Oh, what beautiful horses!


Fairy:          Yes. Now, for the coach. Bring me a pumpkin, dear, the biggest you

                     can find.

(The Fairy touches it with her stick.)


Cinderella: Oh, what a wonderful coach!


Fairy:          Now, we need a coachman and a footman. (She looks out of the window.) See, child! Those two frogs over there! Call them!


Cinderella: Come, little frogs! (The frogs jump towards Cinderella and the Fairy touches them with her wand.) Oh, a coachman and a footman!


Fairy:          Now, everything is ready for you, and it`s time to be off!


Cinderella: But my dress. It`s in rags. And look at my feet. I have no shoes.


Fairy:        I haven`t forgotten, my dear! Bow your head.

 (The Fairy touches the girl with her stick.)         


Cinderella: Oh, Fairy, is this really me? A satin dress, silk stockings, sable     


Fairy:           Do you like yourself?


Cinderella:  Oh, yes. How can I thank you?


Fairy:           I need no thanks. But remember, you must leave the ball before 

                     midnight, for on the last stroke of twelve, your coach and horses, your 

                     coachman, your footman will all change back, and you will be a poor

                     little kitchen-maid again.


Cinderella: I`ll remember! Good-bye, Fairy.


Scene 2

A ball-room at the palace.


Narrator:     Cinderella jumped into the coach and drove to the palace. The Prince  

                      himself helped her out of the carriage and led her to the ball-room.


Lords and Ladies (one after another):

                      Look! Who is she? She is so beautiful. Her eyes are like stars. And

                      look at her lips. Have you ever seen such a sweet smile?


Prince ( bowing ): Will you dance with me, dear girl?


Cinderella:    I`m honored, Your Royal highness.


Prince:      Who are you? What is your name? Where do you live?


Cinderella:  It`s a secret.


Narrator:  The Prince danced with Cinderella all time. She as so charming and



Prince:      You look so tired, dear girl. I`ll bring you a glass of wine.

Cinderella:   Thank you, Your Royal Highness. You are so kind.

(The prince goes away. The clock begins to strike midnight.)

Twelve o’clock! I must go!

(She runs forward and trips.)

                       Oh, my slipper, I`ve lost my slipper. But I can`t wait to look for it. I

                       must hurry.

Narrator:      And as Cinderella ran home, the Prince returned to the ball-room

                      with the glass of wine.


Prince:         Where is the girl whom I danced with? She`s gone. Oh, dear,

                      what shall I do? 

(He goes up to the King) Father, the girl has disappeared!


King:            We must search the palace. Page! (The Page goes up to the King.)

                     Search the palace immediately!


Page:            Yes, Your Majesty!

(He goes away and then returned with the slipper)

                     Your Majesty, I didn`t find the girl, but this slipper was found upon

                      the steps.

(The Prince takes the slipper.)

Prince:         Oh, Father, it`s hers! I remember it well.


Narrator:     The sight of the little sable slipper made the Prince so sad that he

                      couldn`t speak. When the King and the Queen, feeling tired, left the

                      ball-room, he left too, and soon, everybody went home. The next day

                      the Prince was sadder than ever.


King:             Are you weeping for the girl, my son?


Prince:           Yes, Father, I want her to be my wife.


King:              Did she tell you her name?


Prince:            No. All I have is this little sable slipper.


King:             Give me the slipper. Now, don`t weep any more. We will find the

                      girl! Page!

(The Page goes up to the King.)

Page:             Yes, Your Majesty?


King:            Send me the Messenger!

(The Messenger goes up to the King)

Messenger:     Yes, Your Majesty?


King (giving him the slipper):

                         Carry this slipper throughout the land and let every unmarried lady

                         try it on. The Prince will marry the one whom it fits.


Messenger:     Yes, Your Majesty!



Scene 3

The same room in the house as in Scene 1.


Narrator:       And every unmarried lady in the land tried on the slipper. It

                        was the ugly sisrers` turn.


Stepmother:   Come along, daughters! Put on the slipper!


The First Sister (to the Messenger):

                       Put it on, boy! Quickly!

(The Messenger tries to put it on, but she pushed him away.)

                      Get out of my way!

(She pulls at the slipper.) Poor me! I can`t get it on!


The Second Sister:  I`ll get it on!


Stepmother:   Yes, let me help you, my love.

(She takes the slipper and holds it while her daughter pushes with all her might.)


The Second Sister: Oh, my poor toes! My poor toes!


Stepmother ( to the Messenger):

                        Take your slipper! It`s too small for anyone to wear.

Cinderella (coming in): May I try it on?

Messenger:     Who is she?

Stepmother (laughing):

                       She is a kitchen-maid.

(to Cinderella): Do you think the Prince would like to marry you?

Messenger:  She must try on the slipper too! It`s the King`s order.


Stepmother:    All right. Let her the slipper on her clumsy foot!

(The Messenger puts the slipper onto Cinderella`s foot with the greatest ease. Then Cinderella takes the second slipper out of her pocket and puts it on her other foot.)


Messenger:  Oh, I have found the girl! I must go and tell the Prince.

(The Fairy came into the room and, touching Cinderella`s rags with her wand, turned them into a wonderful dress.)


Narrator:       The coach was at the door and Cinderella drove up to the Palace.

                       The Prince was happy to see her. They were married and lived

                       happily for the rest of their lives.


The end








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