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Позакласний захід в 11 класі " День закоханих"

Про матеріал

Позакласний захід в 11 класі на тему " Valentine' s Day". Мета заходу- розвивати творчі здібності учнів, комунікативні навички. Розвивати зацікавленність учнів до традицій та свят країни, мову якої вивчають.

Перегляд файлу


1. Put these paragraphs in the correct order.

a)                 Another legend tells that there was a Roman festival, Lupercalia, held in February, which might have given rise to contemporary celebrations. Yet another theory speculates that February 14th became the holiday of lovers as it was believed that birds chose their mates around that time.

b)                 On February 14th we exchange flowers, chocolates, cards and other gifts. We do it all in the name of St. Valentine. But do you know who he really was? Do you know any stories explaining the origin of this day?

c)                 The priest Valentine was sent to prison. There he fell head over heels in love with a girl who visited him. Before his execution, which took place on February 14th, he wrote a love letter to his sweetheart which he signed: 'From your Valentine'.

d)                 According to one legend, Valentine was a Roman priest who lived in the 3rd century in Rome. The emperor at that time, Claudius Il, decided that unmarried young men made better soldiers. That's why he banned marriages! However, Valentine secretly continued to perform marriages for young couples.

When the emperor discovered the truth he decided to have Valentine executed.


2.  Look at the pictures and try to work out the expressions connected with love. What do they mean?

                  love                        love is                                  love

be                         about somebody                                  with desire                                  date

3.  Now match these expressions with the following definitions.

a)   want somebody very much

b)  love felt by a young person

c)   two people clearly in love with each other

d)  be very keen on somebody

e)   a date between two people who have not met before

f)   we don't see faults in the person we love

4.  What do the following sayings mean? Do you agree with them?

Out of sight, out of mind.                               Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.            The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


5.  Read the following letter to an agony aunt and underline the expressions and idioms connected with love.

Dear Agony Aunt,

After my first unrequited love for John, who dumped me and left me heartbroken, I never thought I could fall for somebody again. Although I was madly in love with him, when he walked out on me I thought, 'out of sight, out of mind.' Yet, I realized that the truth lies in the old saying: 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.'

I know that he left me for someone else-I saw the lovebirds kissing outside the cinema! By the way, it must be true that love is blind because I've never seen anyone as ugly as her. I was lovesick for two weeks and then my friends arranged a blind date for me. That's how I met Tom and it seemed to be love at first sight. Tom is nuts about me and I'm sure he'll never break my heart. However, deep in my heart I know that it is John who is my perfect match. Worse still, John phoned me last night asking for forgiveness, and Tom proposed to me. I think the world of Tom, but I'm still head over heels in love with John.

      What should I do?                           Desperate

6.  Find expressions in the letter which mean the following:

a)   love which is not given in return

b)  to love somebody very much (4 expressions)

c)   to be considered a suitable marriage partner

d)  to end a love relationship (2 expressions)

e)   to start to love somebody

f)   deeply hurt emotionally

g)  to be ill because of unreciprocated love

h)  to hurt somebody deeply

i)    love which starts immediately


7. Complete the words in each heart.

        1 name                            2 number                          3 verb                        4 ordinal number

famous person                    6 body part                     7 adjective                    8 fruit (plural)

      9 colour                        verb (-mg form             1 name of a city          12 eans o transpo t

8. Fill the gaps in this love letter with the corresponding words (1-16) from the hearts.

My beloved

r saw you (2) days ago and since then r haven't been able to sleep or (3)

at all. rt was love at

(4) sight!

You look exactly like

(5) and have

the most beautiful

(6). Your

eyes are like two

(7) stars

and your lips remind me of ripe (8). Your (9) is pure poetry.

r dream of (10) with you till the end of our days.


rm sure we are perfect for each other. If you want, r can take you on a love trip to (11) by (12).

Sweetheart, don't fight your destiny.

         Let's meet in                             (13) at                                (14).

r will be waiting there, holding a

(15) (16) in my left hand.

Your secret lover,





9. Complete the crossword. Letters from the marked squares will form a proverb.

     Across                                                                                           Down

       l . This, not money, makes the world go round                            13. Arrows are shot from a

2.  A sweet bar of  14. The person you love

3.  The lovers' patron is     Valentine         15. A sweet

4.  Everyone loves a little  16. Romantic Valentine material

5.  A young cat      17. 14th February is the day for

6.  Valentine's Day symbol (plural) 18. Give your loved one a big mine' is a Valentine phrase 19. I'm crazy you

8.   Adam's love     20. A rose, daisy or carnation

9.   Many people send one on Valentine's Day 21. You may have a admirer too 10. Short for the month Valentine's Day is in 22. A romantic French city ll. Cupid fires this at people's hearts 23. Start your letter with and

      12. Cupid has two of these                                                                  the name

24. A thorny symbol of love


                                                              14                                                               10                                          23

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              14                 4


                                                         12                                                                                        21          22



                                                                                                16                               8                       11

                                                                            15                                                                9                   13

                                                   2                                                                            19

                                                                                                                                                            4                                                                    12








                                                                                                                                                                             1 0                    2

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