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Презентація "Environment protection"

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Урок має на меті активізувати знання учнів з вивченої теми та розвивати навички усного мовлення. Презентація містить активні форми роботи з учнями та спрямована на комунікативний підхід до навчання.

Зміст слайдів
Номер слайду 1

Номер слайду 2

Номер слайду 3

How environmentally friendly are you? What do you do for your environment? What environment-related problems can you list? Could you name some endangered species? What do the ‘3Rs’ stand for?

Номер слайду 4

1.Do you sort out glass, paper, plastic bottles and cans ? a Yes , always. b Sometimes. c Never. 2. Do you buy fair trade products or organic or local food? a Yes , always.. b Sometimes. c Never, it’s too expensive.

Номер слайду 5

3. Do you use your own shopping bags? a Yes , always b Often c Once in a while 4. Do you recycle light bulbs and used batteries? a Yes , always. b Sometimes. c Never.

Номер слайду 6

5. Do you always dispose of garbage in a proper way? a Yes , always of course. b Most of the times c Sometimes I don’t pay attention! 6. Do you bother picking up other people’s litter? a Yes , always. b Sometimes. c Never

Номер слайду 7

Номер слайду 8

9. Do you put on warmer clothes when it’s cold instead of putting on the heating ? a Yes , always. b Sometimes. c Never, I prefer putting the heating on more. 10. Do you have showers instead of baths? a Yes , always. b Often . c Never

Номер слайду 9

11. Do you close the tap while you brush your teeth? a Yes , always. b Sometimes. c Never, I never think about it. 12. Do you leave the fridge door open when you do the cooking? a No, never., I always close it. b Sometimes. c Yes , it often happens

Номер слайду 10

13. Do you use public transport or a bike or walk when possible? a Yes , always. b Sometimes. c Never 14. Do you have and use a composter at home? a Yes.( 2 pts) b No . (0 pt)

Номер слайду 11

a) 2 points b) 1 point c) 0 point ( except question 14) From 22 to 28 Congratulations, you are making real good efforts to help save our planet. Keep up the good work! From 13 to 21 . Well, you should do better , the environment is not really your priority but you can improve, can’t you ! Below 12 No , no, no !!That’s not possible , you should definitely do a lot more to leave an acceptable environment to your children and grandchildren!

Номер слайду 12

What ecological problems have you seen? Littering Air pollution Water pollution

Номер слайду 13

Air pollution (exhaust fumes) Soil pollution (chemicals, litter, etc.) Water pollution (e.g. oil spills, chemicals, etc.) Acid rain Global warming (Greenhouse effect) Deforestations Forest fires Floods Tsunamis Tornadoes Hurricanes Volcano eruptions Blizzards Avalanches Storms Drought Landslides Earthquakes Natural catastrophes

Номер слайду 14

What problem is the most serious? 25% think that littering is the most serious environmental problem. 21% think that air pollution is a problem. Water pollution is a problem for 19%. 18 % think that when trees are cut down is a problem. And for 17 % it is forest fires.

Номер слайду 15

What do the signs mean?

Номер слайду 16

The Rule of three “R`s” Reuse Reduce Recycle

Номер слайду 17

What can we reuse/ reduce/recycle?

Номер слайду 18

Номер слайду 19

Green Rules If you want the life be cool, Like a full of colour picture, Don't forget to write GREEN RULES Let's make Green Rules for saving our nature in our region, our country and our planet.

Номер слайду 20

Being green How can you help the environment? Read the ‘green’ tips and complete the spaces with “Don’t” where it is necessary __________ drop litter. __________ recycle plastic, metal and glass. __________ write on both sides of a piece of paper. __________ leave your TV, CВ player or computer on standby mode. __________ turn off lights when you are not in a room. ___________open the window when the air-conditioner is on. __________ leave taps on when you’re brushing your teeth. __________ cycle or walk to school. __________ use cosmetics that have been tested on animals. __________ talk your family about ways to help the environment.

Номер слайду 21

We can recycle newspapers, bottles and metal cans. We mustn’t cut down trees. Feed birds in winter. Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Keep all water clean. Don’t use chemicals in the garden. Turn off the light when you leave the room. Don’t cut wild flowers. Try to avoid buying plastic. It’s hard to recycle.

Номер слайду 22

What is the effect of people's influence on the environment? If we pollute the air… If we throw away litter… If we leave litter in the forests… If we don't recycle paper… If we break trees… If we throw litter in the river… If we leave glass bottles in the forest…

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