Презентація " Healthy Bodies" Lesson 4

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imageHealthy Bodies image Lesson 4


Today we are going to speak about healthy habits


 Ex.1,p.79 Look at the questions on an internet chat page. In pairs, think of three pieces of advice for each person.

image         imageMy family and I are going on a cycling holiday soon, but I’m not very fit. Can you give me some advice?

image         I want to improve my English. It’s really bad and I feel worried! What should I do?

This person should/shouldn’t …

 Another idea is to … It’s important to …

Keeping healthy song


Health is Wealth Poem



image image Listen and repeat

 Ex.1, p.79 For each phrase in the box, two verbs are right and one is wrong.

Cross out the wrong verb for each phrase.

get / keep / do         fit enter / do / stay      a race make / feel / stay   healthy

imagedo / keep / try         some exercises in a gym get / do / keep        some exercise go / eat / sleep       well

Exercise regularly, keep healthy!


image Complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verbs in Ex. 1.

1          After I broke my leg, I______some exercises to make it strong again.

2          I think it’s really important to____fit, so I_____ a lot of exercise.3 In my family, we_____ well. We have lots of vegetables and no fast food.

4 My dad_____ a 5 km race last week and finished in 35 minutes. 5 When I do a lot of exercises and spend time outdoors I_____ fit and healthy.


Write sentences about you and your family using the vocabulary in Ex. 1. In pairs, compare your sentences.



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