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Презентація "Modal Verbs of Obligation"

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У презентації розібрано основні правила використання модальних дієслів примусу. Пропуски рекомендується заповнювати відповідями учнів, що були отримані на основі аналізу прикладів. Презентація містить завдання для практики.
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Modal Verbs of Obligation

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{A3 F7 C89 A-F1 DD-468 D-AA1 F-AF733 C69 CED6}MUSTObligation (_____, written rules, instructions)You must wear a seatbelt when you drive. You must complete the essay by Friday. (teacher)______ decision. I must buy something for my mom on her birthday. Strong ______You must watch that film it is that good!Deduction. Your eyes are closing! You must be (должно быть) very tired._____ obligation. We have to complete the essay by Friday. (students)Another person’s decision. I have to wash the dishes. (My mom told me to wash the dishes)Facts. In Britain, you have to (положено) drive on the left. HAVETO

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{A3 F7 C89 A-F1 DD-468 D-AA1 F-AF733 C69 CED6}MUSTSomething is _______You mustn’t tell John. You mustn’t drink that. It’s not ________You don’t have to tell John. You don’t have to drink that. HAVETO

Номер слайду 5

Grammar. You must/have to wear a tie if you want to go to that restaurant. It's one of their rules!I must/have to go away on business, my boss wants me to visit our firm in Japan. Don't be silly, you must/have to take these tablets four times a day!You mustn't/don't have to speak too loud, the baby is sleeping. I must/have to work my English: I want to speak fluently. This room is a mess, I really must/have to find time to clean it!You mustn't/don't have to smoke in Paul's car or he'll get very angry with you!You mustn't/don't have to do that Jane, I'll do it later, don't worry. You really must/have to stop driving so fast or you'll have an accident!I really must/have to remember to post that letter before five o'clock.

Номер слайду 6

{A3 F7 C89 A-F1 DD-468 D-AA1 F-AF733 C69 CED6}NEEDNecessity. I am run out of water. I need to buy some. Advicing. We should/ought to use reusable bags when shopping. SHOULDNo _______You don’t need to/needn’t clean the house, I’ve done that already. Advicing. You shouldn’t/oughtn’t to eat rotten food.

Номер слайду 7

{A3 F7 C89 A-F1 DD-468 D-AA1 F-AF733 C69 CED6}NEEDN‘TRegret. You needn’t have bought those chocolates! He has an allergy... Criticism. We should/ought to have come earlier. You shouldn’t have come earlier. SHOULD

Номер слайду 8

Grammar. I ___ (go) to work today but I went as I knew they were really busy on this new contract. I ___ (take) any money to the museum - I didn't realise it was free to enter. Sheila ___ (get) a taxi to the party. I would have given her a lift in my car. Oh Mike, you ___ (buy) me anything for my birthday! A simple card would have been perfectly acceptable. Today was the last day of school and we ___ (attend) classes in the afternoon. We went for a lovely walk in the woods yesterday. We took a huge picnic with us but there was a café there anyway. We ___ (take) anything!

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