Урок "Мистецтво" для учнів 11 класу

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Урок для учнів 11 класу за темою "Мистецтво" з використанням відеоматеріалу про Клода Моне.
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Lesson     Form 11

Тип уроку – урок формування і вдосконалення вмінь та навичок

Topic: Art

Objectives: 1). to activate what the Ss have learnt at the previous lessons;

                    2). to practise Ss in using key-words for fluency;

                    3). to practise Ss in doing tests;

                    4).to develop listening and speaking skills;

                    5). to stimulate learners’ interest in the subject;

                    6) to provide Ss with the additional information about Сlaude Monet.



I. The beginning of the lesson.

The teacher presents the topic and main objectives of the lesson.

II. Warming Up Activity

T: So, art is eternal and let’s start talking about it. There are different forms of Art. They are literature, music, architecture, sculpture, film and painting. And I’d like you to answer these questions:

1. What is art?

2. What is its purpose?

3. What are the functions of art?

4. What do we need to be an artist?

5. Is art commercial?

T: As for me, the best answer for these questions could be Wise Quotes of famous people.

For example:

  • A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.         Michelangelo

Людина малює мозком, а не руками

  • There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence transform a yellow sport into the sun.   

                                                                                                Pablo Picasso

Є 2 художники – один перетворює сонце на жовту пляму, але є інші художники, які завдяки своєму розуму і за допомогою мистецтва перетворюють жовту пляму на сонце.

  • Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.               Twyla Tharp

Мистецтво – єдина можливість піти з дому, не залишаючи його.

  • Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.           Pablo Picasso

Мистецтво змиває з вашої душі пил повсякденного життя.


T: Now, it’s your turn to answer these questions (учні відповідають на запитання)

III. The main part of the lesson

1. Checking Up Home task

T: Your home task for today was to prepare a story about your favourite painter using your own plan (усне мовлення учнів за складеними планами)

2. Watching a film – “Claude Monet”

T: Now, it’s time to watch a film. But first of all let’s revise the main strategies of listening:

- pay attention to the title of the film and try to predict what it is going to be;

- don’t panic if you hear any words or phrases that you don’t know; don’t stop to think about   these words because you will miss the other important information;

- try to use the context to guess the meaning of unknown words.

Before watching:

Question - Answer Practice

  • Have you ever heard about Claude Monet?
  • Predict what he liked to paint.

While watching:

Biography of Claude Monet: Famous Artists for Children – FreeSchool https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=biography+of+claude+monet

After watching:

Listening Comprehension –Test

Task: Decide if the statements are true or false

1. Claude Monet was a 20th century French painter.  (False)

2. Some consider him to be one of the most important painters of the impressionist    movement.   (True)

3. He created more than 2000 paintings, drawings, and pastels in his lifetime. (False)

4. By age 16 Monet was well-known for drawing caricatures, for exaggerative portraits of the people around him.  (False)

5. Monet was not happy with the traditional techniques that were taught in an art school. (True)

6. Monet joined the army where he was supposed to be 8 years. (False)

7. Monet had a difficult time following his wife’s death. (True)

8. By 1890 Monet was doing well enough to buy the house and the land around it. (True)

9. Monet painted with quick brush strokes and didn’t pay attention to colour and light.  (False)

10. He continued painting until his death 1926 at the age of 88. (False)

IV. Summarising

T.: Answer the questions about how you did the speaking activity at the lesson.

1. During different activities at the lesson I spoke English:

a. all the time

b. most of the time

c. not a lot

2. I think I spoke English

a. very well

b. quite well

c. not as well as I can

3. List some of the mistakes you made.

Home task:


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