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Презентація "Nouns with double meaning and Plural nouns"

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На початку презентації здійнюється пригадування понять злічуваних та незлічуваних іменників. Наступний слайд вводить слово, яке зазвичай вживається як незлічуване, проте при переході в "злічувани" стан змінює й своє значення на прикладі сюжету з "Гаррі Поттера та таємної кімнати". Далі рекомендується проаналізувати речення з одним і тим же словом в різних "станах". Після чого проходить обговорення іменників, після яких вживається дієслово в множині.
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Nouns with double meaning


Countable or Uncountable?

                toad                   robe                   magic                rat

                dirt                     daisy                  spell


Watch and fill in the gaps.

Hermione: We'll have exactly ___ hour before we change back into ourselves. Add the _____.

Ron: Essence of Crabbe.

Hermione: _____.

Ron: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Hermione: Me too.


        I want a glass (____) of water. That statue is made of glass (____).


She found a hair (____) on his jacket. He combed his hair (____).

        We’ve got to buy an iron (____). The table is made of iron (____).

        I’ll go and buy a paper (____). I want some paper (____), please.

        We’ve got a spare room (____) in our house. Sit here. There’s plenty of room (_____) for all of us.       


We gave her a box of chocolates (____). You shouldn’t eat too much chocolate (____)

How many times (____) did you visit Rome? We have no time (___) to lose!

A lot of wolves live in the woods (___). The table is made of wood (____).

He had a few unpleasant experiences (___) while living abroad. Mr Davis has a lot of experience (____) in accounting.

How many people (____) were at the meeting? This series is about the European tribes and peoples (____) from their origins in prehistory to the present day.

What is missing?

1.             Master has given Dobby ______.

2.             Master has presented Dobby with _______.

1.             Can we count socks: one sock, two socks, ... ?

2.             Can we count clothes: one clothes, ten clothes, ... ?

3.             Can we use the indefinite article with plural nouns, e.g. a socks?


Nouns such as: clothes, ____ (поліція), stairs, surroundings, outskirts (____), earnings (____), wages (____), cattle (____), poultry (____), etc.

e.g. Designer clothes are rather expensive. The police are looking for the bank robbers.

Nouns which refer to objects that consist of two parts: trousers, binoculars, shoes, shorts, earrings, tights (____), pyjamas, gloves, socks, ____ (ножиці), glasses, etc.

We do not use a/an or a number with these words.

We use the phrase pair of … instead.

e.g. Where are my glasses?. I need a new pair of glasses.


Group nouns such as ____ (жюрі), family, team, group, class, crew, ____ (натовп), audience, committee (____), council, company, army, press, club, government (____), etc. when we mean the group as a unit.

BUT we use plural verbs when we mean the individuals who make up the group.

e.g. My family is very important to me. My family are going away next weekend.


School subjects: economics, physics, maths, politics, etc.

Sports: gymnastics, athletics, bowls, etc.

Games: billiards, darts, dominoes, draughts, etc.

Illnesses: measles, mumps, flu, pneumonia, etc.


e.g. I think physics is very interesting to study. The bad news is we have to deal with it.

Plural nouns when we talk about an amount of money, a time period, weight, distance, etc.

e.g. Four thousand dollars was donated to develop this school. Two years is a long period of time.


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