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Презентация :"Romeo and Juliet ."

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Презентация :"Romeo and Juliet ."

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WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Grammar School 1583 Married Anne Hathaway Susanna, Hamnet, Judith Seven Dark Years

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LONDON IN 1600’S Conditions in London were not pleasant. Homes of the poor were small and dirty Sewage ran in open ditches in the streets Overcrowding and unemployment were major problems.

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Heads of traitors were displayed on pikes on the city’s main bridge. LONDON BRIDGE

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THE GLOBE Located on the south bank of the Thames The most famous London Playhouse Owned by the Burbage family Flew a flag to announce a performance Acting companies used boys to play female roles. Shakespeare was a member of Lord Chamberlain’s Company. Later called the King’s Men.

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“The Heavens” as seen by the groundlings

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OBJECTIONS TO THEATERS Large assemblies of people Spread diseases Guilt by association Theaters were often located outside the city walls to avoid censor by London’s Lord Mayor.

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ROMEO AND JULIET Written in 1599 Celebrates the passion of youthful love Dates back to 400 AD in a Greek Romance Feud--a prolonged conflict between families. The feud is so old that the cause has been forgotten.

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THE BALCONY SCENE “Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Remember: Wherefore means “Why”

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STAR CROSSED LOVERS Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. In a tragedy many of the main characters die.

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