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The World of painting. Prepared pupil from 10 Boiko Artem

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Quotations about Painting

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Art plays an important role in our life. It aids the people`s understanding of their culture. No doubt tastes should be developed through images of high artistic culture, whereas works of popular culture as a rule meet consumers tastes.

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In my opinion the habit of looking at good pictures is in itself a means by which taste can be formed. Art allows people to talk about emotionally meaningful experiences.

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Every artist tries to develop his own style of painting to differ from other ones. There are many styles of painting in art: a portrait, a still life, a landscape, a seascape and etc.

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A portrait is an image of a person or animal. Besides showing what someone looks like, a portrait often captures a mood or personality.

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A still life shows objects, such as flowers, food, or musical instruments. A still life reveals an artist's skill in painting shapes, light, and shadow.

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A landscape is an outdoor scene. A landscape artist uses paint to create not only land, water, and clouds but air, wind, and sunlight.

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A real life scene captures life in action. It could show a busy street, a beach party, a dinner gathering, or anyplace where living goes on.

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A religious work of art shares a religious message. It might portray a sacred story or express an artist's faith.

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Taras Shevchenko“Catherine”M. Pymonenko “To the Water”

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Сontemporary Ukrainian Art. Vasyl Kushch, Ukrainian artistppt_xxshearppt_xppt_xxshearppt_x

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The Art Inspired by Ukraine's Euromaidan. When Kiev's Independence Square becomes a studio. The anonymous author says his painting represents Ukraine today. "Ukrainians showed people of other countries that we are not afraid of anything. When the situation become very difficult, nobody surrenders," he wrote.

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English Painters

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William Hogarth

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Thomas Gainsborough

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Reynolds Sir Joshua 

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An artist has the skill to combine form and colour into harmonious entity and to represent a brilliant colour scheme. The artists pictures may be dull, crude, chaotic and colourless daub of paint. But in spite of it they are an exquisite piece of painting.

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Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання, рівень стандарту) 10 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
26 жовтня 2020
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