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Проект на тему: "Real and fantastic in the story “A Christmas Carol in Prose” by Charles Dickens"

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Даний матеріал містить презентаційний супровід до захисту проекту на тему: "Real and fantastic in the story “A Christmas Carol in Prose” by Charles Dickens".
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Real and fantastic in the story “A Christmas Carol in Prose” by Charles Dickens

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Plan Introduction Chapter І. Charles Dickens and his "Christmas Carol in Prose " 1.1. Charles Dickens as a representative of British Realism 1.2. Background of " Christmas song in prose" 1.3. Composition of " Christmas song in prose " 1.4. Comparison of O.Balzak and Ch. Dickens as typical represen- tatives of Realism Chapter ІІ. Composite problems of real and fantastic in the story 2.1. Reality in all its irreconcilable cruelty 2.2. Fairy-tale vehicle of christmas story 2.3. Fantastic trip of the hero in time 2.4. Fantastic regeneration of Scrooge 2.5. Image of the real life of the hero after a revival Conclusions

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Actuality of the work Nowadays moral poverty and a variety of social problems needs to pay special attention to the spiritual aspect of education in shaping the future generation. Therefore, the above problem, so skillfully revealed in Dickens. “A Christmas Song in Prose” is relevant and appropriate for the development of foreign literature as a general school discipline.

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The aim of the research Tasks of the research: is the identification and characterization of real and fantastic in the story Determine the meaning of concepts such as "realism ", "Christmas philosophy", "Christmas Song" . Compare O.Balzak and Ch.Dikkens as typical representatives of realism through a critical analysis of the literature . Identify and describe real and fantastic in the story.

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Scientific methods Theoretical significance of the work The practical significance is deepening on scientific knowledge about combination of real and fantastic in the story “A Christmas Carol in Prose” by Charles Dickens”. the materials of this research can be used by teachers in professional practice and theoretical activities.

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Chain of errors of Scrooge traction is to the money іndifference for circumferential loneliness treason in love, friends cruelty in relations

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The Chosts of Christmas Past

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The Chosts of Christmas Present

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The Chost of Christmas Yet to Come

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The fifth and the final stave

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Conclusions A Christmas Carol is divided into several plans, which change one another, first – a reality in all it’s implacable cruelty, then – a reality that is present on a fantasy- a dream. And at the end of this novella – awakening, which presented itself as a fantastic idyll. Fantastic plot of the story is opened with the help of realistic meaning. The form of the fairy- tale allows to realize those ideological problem which cannot be solved within a realistic story, but a fantastic motive is introduced into the framework of a realistic image. The mean of the story is that Dickens completely recreates the image of Scrooge character. Scrooge is established as a greedy and stingy businessman who has no place in his life for handiness, compassion or charity.

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Англійська мова (10-й рік навчання, рівень стандарту) 11 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
20 вересня 2019
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