Reading `An old tale` Form 4

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Текст для читання з завданнями, для 4 класу. - Past Simple Tense (запитальна, заперечна та розповідна форми), правильні та неправильні форми дієслів. - три завдання: на перевірку розуміння прочитаного (вибрати прaвильну літеру, визначити правда / неправда, з'єднати слово з перекладом)
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Reading comprehension    Form 4

An old tale

Once there lived a man. He was very fond of gold.  All his life he saved money. He had lots of money. He was the happiest man in the world.

One day he went to the desert of South Africa.  Suddenly he lost his way. He didn`t have any food or water. The heat was terrible. The man was very weak. He couldn`t walk, he could only  crawl. There were only  stones and sand around.

Suddenly the man saw a bag. He hoped that he would find food and water in it. He crawled up to the bag and opened it. The bag was full of gold. At first, he was happy to find gold in the bag but then he thought:

`What is the use of gold to a hungry man in a desert?`

He left the bag on the sand. He cried bitterly, `I`m the most unhappy man in the world!`

Now you see that gold does not always make a man happy.




I. Choose the correct answer:

       1. Why did the man think that he was the happiest man in the world?

  a) Because he had a lot of friends

  b) Because he had a lot of money.

  c) Because he was fond of reading.

      2.  Why was the man weak?

a) Because the weather was cold.

b )Because he didn`t have any money.

c)Because he didn`t have any food and water.

  1. What did the man find the bag?
  1. gold
  2. food
  3. water
  1. How did the man get to the bag?
  1. He ran up to the bag.
  2. He jumped up to the bag.
  3. He crawled up to the bag.
  1. Why was the man unhappy then?
  1. Because he didn`t find his friends.
  2. Because he didn`t find gold.
  3. Because he didn`t find any food and water.


II. Write True or False

  1. Once there lived a woman.
  2. He went to the desert.
  3. The desert was in the South Asia.
  4. He had no water and food.
  5. The weather in desert was great.
  6.  The man was strong and happy.
  7. There were only trees and flowers around.
  8. The heart was terrible.
  9. The man hoped to find his friends in the desert.
  10.  He crawled to the river and drank water.
  11. He was so weak that he couldn`t walk, he could only crawl.
  12.  He left the bag on the hot sand and started to cry bitterly.


III. Match

  1. To be fond of                a) бути голодним
  2. To save money             b) гірко
  3. To lose one`s way         c)повзти
  4. To be hungry                 d)бути ослабленим
  5. To crawl                          e)збитися з шляху
  6. To be full of gold           f) любити когось, щось
  7. Bitterly                             g) пісок
  8. Desert                              h)відкладати гроші
  9. To be weak                      i) бути повним золота
  10.  Sand                                 j) пустеля



  1. 1.b; 2.c; 3.a; 4.c; 5.c
  2. 1.False 2.True 3.False 4.True 5.False 6.False 7. False 8. True 9.False 10.False 11. True 12. True
  3. 1.f; 2.h; 3.e; 4.a; 5.c; 6.i; 7.b; 8.j; 9.d; 10.g.



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