Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension. SEMESTER IIClass 6 A________________ (name)READ THE TEXT AND DO THE TASKS. YOU WILL HAVE 50 MINUTES.

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I. Match the headings A-F with the paragraphs 1-6 A Reasons of elephants’ death. B Let’s help elephants. C Life of elephants in national parks. D Hunters kill elephants. E Problems which reduced the number of elephants. F Life of elephants II. True or False. Elephants use water for showers. Elephants usually rest in water. Elephants spend the whole day eating. Today elephants don’t have enough space to live in Africa. In national parks there are too many elephants. There are more than 2 million elephants that live on the planet.

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III. Fill in the suitable wordsenough, save, grass, different, water, rest Elephants like ____very much. They use it in _____ ways. When it is hot elephants ______ under the trees. They like ______ very much but in national parks there is not ______ it. So we have to think out something to _______ elephants.

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IV. Answer the questions What is this story about?How do elephants spend their time?Why are elephants dying in Africa today?Why do hunters kill elephants?Why can’t elephants have good life in national parks?What should we do to save elephants?Every task is for 3 points. You should do it in time!Good luck!

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