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Розробка заходу "In search of treasure"

Про матеріал

Розробка позакласного заходу на тиждень англійської мови для учнів 4 класу.

Мета:активізувати вживання лексики з вивчених тем «Кольори», «Професії», «Місяці», «Країни», «Тварини», «Одяг», «Їжа»; розвивати комунікативні здібності учнів; підвищувати інтерес учнів до вивчення іноземної мови; виховувати вміння взаємодіяти один з одним, працюючи в групах (командах).


  • -повторити та узагальнити вивчений лексичний матеріал;
  • -розвивати всі види мовленнєвої діяльності;
  • -розвивати творчі здібності учнів, мислення, уяву;
  • -розширити загальноосвітні знання учнів;
  • -виховувати культуру спілкування, повагу до культури своєї країни та культури англомовних країн.
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Мета:  активізувати вживання лексики з вивчених тем «Кольори», «Професії», «Місяці», «Країни», «Тварини», «Одяг», «Їжа»; розвивати комунікативні здібності учнів; підвищувати інтерес учнів до вивчення іноземної мови; виховувати вміння взаємодіяти один з одним, працюючи в групах (командах).


  • повторити та узагальнити вивчений лексичний матеріал;
  • розвивати всі види мовленнєвої діяльності;
  • розвивати творчі здібності учнів, мислення, уяву;
  • розширити загальноосвітні знання учнів;
  • виховувати культуру спілкування, повагу до культури своєї країни та культури англомовних країн.

1. Greeting.

     T.:  Good afternoon children! I’m very glad to see you here. Today we are going to have an unusual lesson. It’ll be a lesson – соmpetition called “In Search of Treasure”. All of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game. Three teams will take part in our game. They are the students of the 4th form. Every team will have possibility to be a winner. At the end of the lesson the winner team will be given a prize. Be very attentive and try to do everything correctly. I hope you’ll work the best way.

Now, let me introduce our judges. Here they are: ….

The game has 8 contests, they are:

  1. A tongue-twister.
  2. A magic box.
  3. Letter in a bottle
  4. Painter
  5. Proverbs and sayings.
  6. Parts and wholes.
  7. The ABC game
  8. Grammar quiz.

Well, I wish you success. Be active, honest and helpful! It's high time to begin our competition. Good luck to you!

2.  Main part

 T.: Our first task is Tongue - twisters. Read them on your cards and try to pronounce them correctly.


1. Pat’s black cat is in Pat’s black hat.

2. Geb is Bob’s dog. Tob is Mob’dog.

3. Seed sees six trees.

4. Pat keeps two pets.

5. A girl sees three big grey geese.

6. A cup of nice coffee is in nice coffee-cup.

T. And now we come to the 2nd task which is called “Magic Box”.

Look at the board. Here you can see 9 boxes with the tasks. You choose the number in turn and do the task.

1). Name 8 colours.

2). Name 8 months of the year.

3). Name 8 professions.

4). Name 8 countries.

5). Name 8 animals.

6). Name 8 things that people wear.

7). Name 8 things you can eat.

8). Name 8 activities.

9). Name 8 school items.

T. Next task is “Letter in a bottle”. Decode the letter.


T. Our next task is “Painters”. Listen the text and draw the picture according it.


     There is a big house in the middle of the picture. The house is yellow with a red roof. There are two windows in the house and one door. To the left of the house there is a green tree. To the right of the house there are two flowers. One flower is red. The other flower is blue. Under the tree there is a black dog. In the tree there is a fat grey cat.

T. Our next contest (the 5th) is called “Proverbs and sayings”. Each team will get a list of English proverbs and sayings and their Ukrainian equivalents. You should match English proverb with Ukrainian one. You have 4 minutes at your disposal and can get 8 points for this task.

1. A friend in need is a friend in deed.

2. All is well that ends well.

3. Better late than never.

4. All cats are grey in the dark.

5. Like mother, like daughter.

6. No smoke without a fire.

7. Two is a company but three is none.

8. Actions speak louder than words.

A. Третій зайвий.

B. Вночі всі кішки сірі.

C.  Немає диму без вогню.

D.  Яблуко від яблуні недалеко падає.

E. Краще пізно, ніж ніколи.

F. Все добре, що закінчується добре.

G. Не за словами судять, а за справами.

H. Друзі пізнаються в біді.

T. 6. The 6th contest is called “Parts and wholes”. You should combine these parts so as to get words. You can get 1 point for each right answer.

(e.g. foot – ball, butter – fly, swim – suit, snow – man, bath - room etc.)

T. And now we come to the next contest of the game called “The ABC game”. You’ll get one letter from the English alphabet. You must write as much as possible words which start on it. You have 1 minute to do it. You can get 1 point for each correct word.

T. Good for you! I see you are good at vocabulary. Are you good at grammar? Let us see. Now grammar quiz. Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

1. Ann and Mike is friends.

2. We can speaking English.

3. Her hobby has reading.

4. Ben have got a parrots.

5. You can play basketball?

6. There are a horse and a pig in the garden.

3. Summing up. 

T.: This was the last task. Thank you very much for your work. I think our lesson was very interesting for you. You know a lot of different things. Dear judges, tell us the score of the quiz, please.  The team… is the winner. Our best congratulations!

Dear friends, Do you like our competition? I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. What do you like best of all?

  I’d like to tell you that the English language is very useful. The English language is very important. Try to get only excellent marks in English. Good-bye. See you soon.

 Task for the fans. (find the odd words out)

     We wear it: jacket, shoes, socks, PENCILS, caps, jeans, DESKS, skirts,

      CHAIRS, shirt.

     We drink it: water, SUGAR, milk, juice, CARROT, RASPBERRY, tea, coffee.

     We have it at home: sofa, computer, LION, cockerel, hen, bedroom, MUSEUM, 

      cow, FOREST, sheep, duck.

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