Social skills. Stress in teens' life

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Конспект уроку до підручника Англійської мови В.Буренко, 11 клас, рівень стандарту, видавництво "Ранок" 2019рік
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Social skills. Stress in teens’ life


  • to improve students’ listening and speaking skills;
  • to focus students on talking about people;
  • to motivate students for becoming independent listeners;
  • to develop students’ personal and social skills; to broaden students’ vocabulary;
  • to activate linguistic guess;
  • to provide a stable and welcoming atmosphere in the class;
  • to develop self-esteem and mutual esteem;
  • to encourage understanding and tolerance to others;
  • to form reliable attitude to friends and family.

Outcomes: by the end of the lesson students will be able:

  • to talk about people;
  • to compare different points of view;
  • to evaluate people’s actions and behaviour;
  • to give a balanced view on different actions and events.




1. Warm-up

Ex.1 p. 9

Discuss the quotation of Stephen Colbert. Do you agree or disagree with him? Why?


2. vocabulary

Ex.2 p.9

1. cynic n a person who believes that people only do things to help themselves, rather than for good reasons

2. disobedience n refusal to do what you are told to do

3. pressure n the act of trying to persuade or to force smb to do smth

4. juvenile adj connected with young people who are not yet adults;

                   n a young person who is not yet an adult

5. delinquency n bad or criminal behaviour, usually of young people

6. to obey v to do what you are told or expected to do

7. adolescence n the time when a person develops from a child into an adult


3. speaking

Ex.3 p.9

Before listening to the text from Ex. 4 answer the questions.

1. How much are you interested in the life of British teenagers?

2. Do you have any pen friends abroad?

3. How do you communicate with them?

4. What do you usually talk about?


4. listening

Ex.4 p.10

Listen to the text about British teenagers and say which of the following facts are not mentioned

in the text.

1. The oldest generation considers teenagers to be lazy, ridiculous and rude.

2. British teenagers spend much time doing their homework.

3. Teenagers spend all their time thinking only about hobbies.

4. Adolescence is a period of violence, aggression and disobedience.

5. Adolescence is a period of transformation, physical and emotional changes.


5. speaking

Ex.5 p.10

According to the text from Ex. 4 compare teenagers’ life in Britain with teenagers’ life in our country. In groups discuss differences and similarities of teenagers’ life. Present the results of your discussion to the




Ex.6 p.10

Complete the mind map “Stress in teens’ life”. Add some more words and expressions which have not been mentioned in the list given below. Present your ideas to the classmates and complete the general mind map.

Use these words and expressions:

money, relationships with parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters, problems at school, juvenile delinquency, influence of TV and music, teens’ fashion, youth subcultures, hobbies, pressure, computer,

the Internet, teens’ addiction.

Ex. 7 p.10-11

Discuss some situations according to the exercise.


7. Homework

Ex.10 p.11

Choose the most urgent problem in your life in your opinion and write a short essay expressing your

thoughts as for solving this problem.


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