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Speaking . Modern art in our life for high schools.

Про матеріал
I offer dialogue about art in our life. Modern art for children 9 form. Enjoy and try repeat ))
Перегляд файлу

В. hi Julie and Kristin, how are you? Nice to see you at the exhibition!

К. Hi Valya ,i m glad to see you and Julie of course .its wonderful exhibition isnt it?

В Absolutely!

К. What is you favourite picture?

В. 1. As for me I prefer realistic because it’s picture like a real life, and for example picture number 5 , we can see a real people and this is a representation of what the gods look like. 

Also I like monochrome picture (using different shades of one color) because it’s fashionable and so beautiful for me..How about picture number 3?

Крістіна .Oh it is so modern

Юлия I don’t understand such depressing picture as number 3 as for me , this shades of brown and blue 

Крістіна Oh i m agree with you i dont like this kind of art ,depressing is not for me ,its so dank..

Valia, So, what your favorite picture and why?

Крістіна My favourite picture number five .as for me i like realism ,because it like a real life ,we see reL person and its so fine

Крістіна Are you agree with me?

Юля Yes , it looks so real , and shades of red and white are beautiful, but As for I like abstract picture because every time you can see different and multicolored picture in your imagination , so I like picture with that bright green color number 4 . It’s a one of greatest artworks .

Am I right valia?

Валя Oh, yeah, picture number 4 it’s a one of greatest artworks, modern, fashionable and cool.

What about picture number 1?

Юля Oh , it’s so strange and crazy , yes Kristina?

Крістіна Yes ,i think thats vibrant so modern strong ,and bright.but it is real masterpiece .i love art ,and i enjoy art form art is long and life is short

Валя by the way, Kristina and Julie what do you think about picture number 6?

Крістіна I think it is abract,but itsn't my kind of art, Julie what about you ,do you like abstract picture?

Юля I adore edge picture like the last one it’s not abstract as for me because it’s looks so fashionable and provocative sometimes  especially for modern girls .

Валя so, i like it , abstract, that’s mean and show existing as an idea or feeling, it`s cool style

Юля So girls we all are sush a good critics , but art will never die it is eternal ( вічний) .

Валя All this work is excellent

Let’s go at such exhibitions more often?

Крістіна Yes girls next week kicks off exhibition unknown artists ,lets try and come in tuesday?

Юля Sure , with a big pleasure

Крістіна Good ,see you soon

Валя Okey,  bye








Holovchenko Kristina Serhiivna
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Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання, профільний рівень) 10 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
19 травня 2020
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