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Перегляд файлу

Listen to the texts. For questions 1-6 choose the correct answers A, B or C

Text 1

- Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention, please? This is the chief steward speaking. Welcome a board the 12:45 Intercity service from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross. The train is due to arrive at Kings Cross at 5:45 p.m.

We would like to inform all the passengers that buffet car is now open. The buffet car is situated in the middle of the train. On sale are tea, coffee and soft drinks, a selection of sandwiches, including egg and tomato, ham and tomato, roast chicken and toasted cheese. Any passengers who require lunch, please, take your seats in a restaurant car. This is the last call for lunch. Thank you.

1.What doesn’t a steward of the train propose to the passengers?


Картинки по запросу pictures sandwiches


Картинки по запросу pictures cakes


Картинки по запросу pictures drinks

Text 2

There is probably no one among book-lovers who hasn’t heard of Sherlock Holmes, the skillful and clever detective in the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes’ methods of analyzing the most difficult problems was to notice the smallest facts even if they seemed unimportant. His method never failed. The criminal always had to give up and become a prisoner of the great detective. Conan Doyle once arrived in Paris after spending  a month in the South of France. There was a long row of cabs outside the gate of a railway station. Conan Doyle got into the first cab and ordered the driver to take him to a good hotel. The driver was silent all the way to the hotel. But when Conan Doyle paid him, he said “Thank you, Sir Conan Doyle”.

2.Conan Doyle was a famous…



c)detective story writer


Text 3

The safer our lives become, the more we admire adventures. People who risk their lives to cross the oceans in small boats, are those who set foot on a new unexplored  territory. We like to feel that there are still corners of the Earth which are wild and unexplored. The day when the last tractors pushed down the last tree in the rainforest of Amazon so that the man can build new towns, we feel a great loss. Perhaps, we never really intended to go there but it was pleasant to know of the possibility.

3.According to the text people destroy the nature to…

a)explore new territories

b)build new towns

c)admire adventures.


Text 4

The Rio carnival in Brazil is by far the largest in the world. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come every year for the celebrations before the start of Lent – a period of forty days before Easter. The carnival takes place in a huge new stadium. There samba schools compete with each other for the best costumes and dancing. They spend a lot of time and money on carnival preparations making fantastic costumes, masks, decorations, mobile floats and teaching the samba.


4.At what continent does the largest dancing contest take place?


Картинки по запросу pictures continent africa


Картинки по запросу pictures of the continent south america


Картинки по запросу pictures of the continent europe

Text 5

In China towards the end of June people celebrate a holiday known as the Dragon Boat Festival. The festival is held to honour the memory of the Chinese politician and poet who in 278 B.C. is said to have committed suicide by jumping into a river. Nowadays boat races are held every year to remind people of the search for the body of the dead poet. Spectators eat rice cakes and cruise on large dragon shaped boats.

5.In what event do the Chinese take part towards the end of June?




Похожее изображение


Картинки по запросу pictures of dragon boat races


Картинки по запросу pictures of rice eating competition

Text 6

-What time is it , Jane?

-Oh, it’s seven fifty!

-Hm, my watch is slow. Maybe it’s the battery.

-That reminds me I should tell you about a thing I did.

- What was that?

-Well, a few mornings ago when I woke up it was already seven thirty. I thought I had slept through the alarm.

-Seven thirty? That didn’t give you much time , did it?

-No, it didn’t. I took a quick shower, jumped into my clothes and ran all the way here.

-Did you make it in time?

-Yes, I think I gone here right at eight. But there was one problem.

-What was that?

-There was no other students. I was the only one here.

-Oh, no. Let me guess. It was Saturday?

-That’s right. I need a clock that tells me what day it is.

6. At what time did the girl come to school on Saturday?


Картинки по запросу pictures of clock with time


Картинки по запросу pictures of clock with time 7.30



Картинки по запросу pictures of clock with time 7.50


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