Test 'Eating Out' Form 11 SB O.Karpyuk Standard level

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Тестові завдання для контролю компетенцій з теми 'Eating Out' здобувачів освіти 10 класу
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Topic: Eating Out

  1. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. A restaurant service
  2. To order a dish
  3. A fixed price
  4. Distinctive cuisine
  5. Healthy food
  6. Fresh ingredients
  7. Garnished with vegetables
  8. An expensive menu
  9. High quality


  1. Categorize the words.

Sweets, pork, sausages, lard, onion, garlic, mushrooms, sour cream, beef, buns, pancakes, cabbage, chicken, pear, pineapple, juice, mineral water, cheese, potatoes, almonds, red peppers, lettuce





Dairy products










  1. Complete the sentences with a correct word “food”, “dish” or “meal”.

  1.           She prefers Ukrainian ___.
  2.           I have my main ___ at 2 p.m.
  3.           This ___ is made by the best cook.
  4.           This man usually has some meat ____.
  5.           Breakfast is the first ___ of the day.
  6.           Fast ___ is often unhealthy.


  1. Choose the correct form to complete each sentence.
  1. Ben asked Tom if he (had done/did) the task.
  2. They said that Ann (was/ had been) in Kyiv the previous year.
  3. The cook said that he (will make/ would make) a specialty.
  4. Our friend said that he (doesn’t like/ didn’t like) nuts.
  5. We told him she (can’t order/ couldn’t order) that dish.
  6. Andrew wrote that his brother (wants/ wanted) to become a chef.
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