Test on Reading Form 6 Language schools

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Test on Reading Form 6 .A nice text about Language Schools in Great Britain
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Form 6 Test on Reading

Read the text and decide if the sentences are T(true),F(false) or NS(not stated).


   Every year a lot of people come to Great Britain to learn English.They expect to find a pleasant stay there and come back with better knowledge of English.

   That's why choosing a language school is very important.How to make the right choice?

   First of all,try to learn about teachers' qualification.They should know what the students need to learn,and be able to help them learn it.Moreover,the school should provide students with necessary material and the latest methodological and technological developments.

   The most important question is accommodation.A good school always pays this matter a serious attention.Not less important is that the school must provide a comfortable place for students to communicate,offering them meals,coffee,etc.Some schools even have a cafe for socializing among students and staff.

   The final way in which schools can help students is by making sure that they enjoy themselves outside school time.In addition,it is part of a school's responsibilities to inform students about places to see in the town.


1.Good language school must provide students with qualified and capable teachers.

2.Students should be graded into groups of similar language ability.

3.Schools have to provide students with accommodation.

4.Schools have to offer students comfortable places for recreation.

5.The school should arrange parties,excursions,entertainments.

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