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Test-reading "What a character"

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                            Test-Reading 6 form   

                             What a character!

Every family has a character that stands out from the rest. For, me that character is Aunt Fiona. It isn’t her curly hair and freckles because my brother and I have those too. Aunt Fiona talks enthusiastically with everyone she meets, but Dad says that’s just “the McNulty talking gene.”

These traits are special, but what makes Aunt Fiona extra wonderful is her spirit of adventure. She loves to travel and has gone all over the world. She taught English to Japanese children.

So that she could visit Asia. Before that, she worked as a messenger. She took important papers all over for big companies. In a month, she might go to France, Italy, and Australia. Her first job was in the Peace Corps. Aunt Fiona spent two years in Africa, helping to build schools for children.

To Aunt Fiona, the most important goal is to satisfy your curiosity about the world. She makes me want to have exciting adventures around the world too. 

I. After reading the text, answer each question fully.

1.What was Aunt Fiona’s occupation while living in Japan?

2.Name three countries Aunt Fiona might visit in any given month?

3.For how long did Aunt Fiona live in Africa?

4.What did she do while there?

5.How does the writer describe Aunt Fiona’s?

6.What was Aunt Fiona’s duty as a messenger?




II. What do you think is a best way to travel? Read the story below. Use your own words to fill in the missing words.


I love to go interesting places.  My most exciting adventure was a trip to __________________. I travelled there by ___________________. I like to travel this way because _________________________. It took me ___________ hours to get there. While in ____________________

And saw ________________ and _________________. The food was ________________. I eat _______________ and _________________ but my favourite dish was ___________________. I stayed for ___________ days. I had a _______________time. I love to travel.







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