Тести для підготовки до ЗНО ( аудіювання )

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Тести для підготовки до ЗНО (частина аудіювання) . Матеріали містять всі основні теми, передбачені шкільною програмою.
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Go for ZNO Listening  Comprehension                        Levels B1 – B2



Task 1. You will hear some information about the connection between birth order and personality. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.


  1. Eldest children are likely to be creative.
  2. Eldest children don’t have self-confidence.
  3. Youngest children don’t get enough attention.
  4. Only children like telling others what to do.
  5. The parents of only children often put them under a lot of pleasure.


Task 2.You will hear a talk about lying. Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.


  1. What’s the main reason that people tell a white lie?
    1. They want to fool people.
    2. They don’t want to upset someone.
    3. They don’t have a serious option.


2.The speaker says that


A. liars tend to move their gaze away.

B. people who are making up a lie at that moment look upwards.

C. looking up means that a person is trying to remember something.


3.  The stress caused by being interviewed by the police might make someone

           A. tell a lie

           B. avoid cooperation.

           C. embarrassed.


4. When people are questioned about a crime they didn’t commit, they may appear guilty because they


           A. have actually committed a different crime

            B. have something else to hide

            C. feel they have to lie


5. A person is lying when they


           A. change the details of a story or offer too many details

           B. narrate a story with as few details as possible

           C. insist what they say is the real story.



Unit 2                LEISURE

Task 1. You will hear a woman talking about a leisure centre. Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.

1. How long did it take to renovate the leisure centre?

    A. a couple of daysB. a week

    C. a month

2. The group swimming lessons are aimed at

             A. children

   B. adults

   C. children and adults

3. Next to the swimming pool, there is a

  A. waiting area

  B. playroom

  C. sports hall

4. In the sports hall, there are three

            A. tennis courts

            B. squash courts

            C. volleyball courts

5. Where is the climbing wall?

           A. near the sports hall

           B. in the sports hall

           C. upstairs

Task 2.You will hear an interview with Janet Anderson, a well-known Scottish actress, talking about how she spends her leisure time. Listen and answer the questions 1-6. Choose A, B or C.

1. When she is not rehearsing or performing, Janet

A. goes to the cinema

B. does activities that give her the opportunity to improve as an actress

C. does arts and crafts

2. Janet has

          A. never directed before

          B. directed film but not theatre

          C. interviewed a film director

3. Currently, Janet is

         A. reading a book titled The Count of Monte Cristo for pleasure

         B. writing the script for a play titled The Count of Monte Cristo

         C. reading about the time period in which The Count of Monte Cristo takes  place

4. Janet  likes to

        A. prepare meals for her friends

        B. read fictional books about crime

        C. play music with friends

5. Janet

       A. had wanted to learn the trumpet for a long time

       B. had been looking for a trumpet for a while

       C. found the trumpet by chance

6. When it comes to sports and exercise, Janet

      A. prefers activities that are energetic

      B. thinks she is too old to do certain sports

      C. enjoys yoga because it helps relieve stress.


Unit 3     EDUCATION


Task 1. You will hear a conversation about school and university. Listen and answer the questions 1-6. Choose A, B or C.


1. What does Nancy believe she will probably end up being in the future?

  A. a lawyer

            B. a waitress

            C. unemployed    


2. What has Sean dreamt of since he was a child?

            A. being dressed in a suit

            B. sitting and discussing money

            C. being surrounded by fans


3. What does Nancy suggest Sean to do?

               A. study business administration

               B. become a singer

               C. study business administration and become a singer


4. When can Sean and Nancy apply to universities?

                A. 14 May

                B. 20 April

                C. 14 April


5. How long will it take to get to the furthest university in future?

A. 30 minutes

                 B. 20 minutes

                 C. 10 minutes


6. What will Nancy have to buy for her arts and crafts project?

                 A. glue

                 B. coloured paper

                C. scissors


Task 2.You will hear a teacher giving information about language schools. Decide whether the following statements or True or False.


1. Language schools in the UK give their students a chance to see the country.

2. Language schools stay open all day long.

3. The courses can only be attended by young people.

4. The students spend most of their time in the classrooms.

5. The teachers come from various English-speaking countries.





Unit 4.   FOOD


Task 1.You will hear a famous chef talking about his career. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.


1. The chef’s first job was in the kitchen of a hotel.

2. The chef was born in Ireland.

3. The chef’s restaurant in Dublin was very successful.

4. The chef was discovered by a TV producer.

5. The chef appeared on more than a thousand shows.


Task 2. You will hear an interview about how important a healthy diet is for children. Listen and answer the questions 1-6. Choose A, B or C.


1. What does Jamie say about diet at a young age?

          A. Recent research on the topic was criticized.

          B. It can help develop the body physically but not mentally.

          C. It can affect how clever someone is.


2. How can nutrition affect behavior?


          A. A poor diet can make people sleepy.

          B. Lack of vitamin C can cause stress/

          C. A poor diet can cause sadness.


3. What does Jamie say about breakfast?


           A. It improves students’ school performance

           B. It must include eggs and fruit

           C. It should be eaten one hour before school


4. What is true about food and brain performance?


          A. Only breakfast can boost brain performance/

          B. Too much food can slow down brain activity.

          C. Students can eat specific foods to boost their brain performance.


5. To avoid gaining weight, students should


             A. work out and eat nutritious food.

             B. avoid eating certain types of food.

             C. do a lot of physical exercises/


6. How can obesity affect students?


               A. Students may feel uncomfortable while studying.

               B. Students may avoid taking part in certain activities.

               C. It can affect students’ concentration levels.

Unit 5. SHOPPING and MONEY   


Task 1. You will hear a dialogue between a mother and her son.Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.


1. Andy’s mum doesn’t like the present because it’s


A. too colourful

B. blue

C. too expensive


2. Andy chose the particular item because his dad


              A. had told him to buy it

              B. doesn’t have anything similar.

              C. wears clothes of this type.


3. Lately, Andy’s dad has been


              A. silly

              B. happy

              C. depressed


4. Andy’s dad has very few


               A. shirts

               B. ties

               C. T-shirts


5. Who believes that the present is expensive?


              A. Andy

              B. Andy’s mother

              C. both of them


Task 2.You will hear part of radio report on advertising. Decide where the following statements are True or False.


      1. The speaker believes that using psychology to persuade people to buy is wrong

      2. Blue and red are colours that are used to inspire positive feelings in customers

      3. People react more strongly when they feel they are missing out on something

      4. Great reduction in price always happens on items that are originally a lot more expensive.

      5. Food stylists try to improve the appearance of food by using better quality materials than those they are selling.




Unit 6             TOURISM and TRAVELLING   

Task 1.You will hear a man called Raymond Plum talking about his travelling experiences.Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.

1. Raymond became interested in travelling because

           A. he had a relative who liked travelling

           B. he saw a television programme about travelling

           C. his friends invited him to go to travelling with them

2. What does Raymond like most about travelling?

           A. eating different types of food

           B. visiting different places

           C. meeting different people

3. Raymond usually earns money on his travels by working

          A. in a restaurant

          B. an a hostel

          C. in a school

4. What does Raymond say about danger?

         A. Some places are more dangerous than the place where you live. 

         B. Local people can cause dangerous situations

         C. Different places have different kinds of danger

5. What hasn’t Raymond seen yet?

         A. the Northern Lights

         B. Machu Picchu

         C. the Great Pyramid of Giza

Task 2.You will hear a radio report from Delhi on a national celebration.Listen and answer the questions 1-6. Choose A, B or C.

1. Today is a special day in India because

             A. it’s India’s flower day

   B. it’s India independence day

             C. they celebrate Gandhi’s birthday

2. The weather is

             A. warm and sunny

             B. warm and cloudy

             C. too hot

3. On the back of some vehicles in Delhi there are

              A. pictures of spinning wheels

              B. flowers and birds

              C. amusing messages

4. The guide read from Gandhi’s collect works

             A. on the bus

             B. outside the memorial walls

             C. at Gandhi’s memorial, Raj Ghat

5. The visitors to the memorial took off their shoes

             A. inside the walls of the memorial

             B. outside the walls of the memorial

             C. next to the marble platform

6. At the memorial, people left

           A. flags and doves

           B. flags with peace signs           C. flowers.


Unit 7   ARTS and CULTURE

Task 1. You will hear a conversation between two friends. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.

1. Timothy knew about Kimberly’s interest in the theatre.

2. Kimberly has not gained much from joining a theatre group.

3. Kimberly thinks acting can help Timothy.

4. Everyone in Kimberly’s theatre group is a professional.

5. Kimberly believes it is hard to succeed in show business.              

Task 2.You will hear an interview about Khotyn Festival.Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.

1. What is true about Khotyn Fortress?

             A. It is the venue of a festival in the medieval period.

             B. It is built by the Vikings.

             C. An important battle took place there.

2. The number of participants in each team should be

              A. at least eight

              B. more than fifty

              C. at least fifty

3. The fighters taking part in the festival

              A. go through strict tournaments in Ukraine

              B. are chosen in their own countries after some tournaments

              C. use modern fighting techniques

4. All the battles are

              A. copied from previous battles

              B. prearranged

              C. real

5. What can visitors to the festival do there?

             A. They can camp there.

             B. They can experience life as it was in the past.

             C. They can design games for children.



Unit  8  SPORT


Task 1.You will hear a sport commentary on the Ironman Triathlon World Championship.Listen and answer the questions 1-6. Choose A, B or C.


1. During the swimming race

       A. it was raining

       B. it was very windy

       C. there were big waves.


2. The bicycle race covered a distance of

       A. 4 km

       B. 100 km

       C. 179 km

3. Whose strong point is running?

       A. King’s

       B. Johnson’s

       C. Ramsey’s


4. Who was the winner of the 1987 Ironman Triathlon competition?

       A. Pete Ramsey

       B. Ronnie Johnson

       C. Spencer King


5. What happened  to Ramsey toward the end of the race?

       A. He hurt his face.

       B. He injured his head.

       C. He fell down.


6. Who is this year’s winner?

       A. Pete Ramsey

       B. Wayne Bruce

       C. Spencer King             


Task 2You will hear someone talking about parkour. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.


1. Parkour became well known in France in the 1980s.

2. Jumping from one roof to the next is the only movement in parkour.

3. Parkour is done by both men and women.

4. Members must have moral values.

5. Parkour can have long-lasting negative effects on your health.


Unit 9  HEALTH


Task 1.You will hear a dialogue between a man and a woman who meet in the gym. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.


1. Both Polly and Jeremy have problems with cholesterol.

2. Peggy used to have longer training sessions in the past.

3. Peggy didn’t have any problems with weight in the past.

4. Jeremy hasn’t been to the gym before.

5. Peggy and Phil are relatives.


Task 2. You will hear an interview on first aid.Listen and answer the questions 1-6. Choose A, B or C.

1. What is true of Dr Robert Moor?

         A. This is his first guest appearance on the radio programme.

         B. He regularly gives advice on the radio programme.

         C. He previously gave advice on what to do after an accident.


2. What is the purpose of first aid?

         A. to take care of the patient yourself

         B. to avoid calling a doctor

         C. to make sure the victim is safe until help arrives

3. What procedure is recommended to stop bleeding?


          A. washing the wound carefully with some water

          B. changing the bandage often if bleeding continues

          C.  raising the bleeding part and bandaging it.


4. Second-degree burns are characterized by

           A. the red colour of the skin

           B. severe damaging og the skin

           C. blistering of the skin


5. Cold water can be used to treat

           A. first and second-degree burns

           B. third –degree burns

           C. second and third-degree burns


6. How could you relieve the pain caused by sunburn?

            A. by applying yoghurt            

            B. by applying any type of oil

             C. by wearing a T-shirt or a hat




Task 1.You will listen an interview with a man called Henry Stimpson, who is a tour guide at the Science Museum in London.Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.

1. What does Henry Stimpson say about the object on display in the museum?                                

         A. There are almost 15,000 of them

                   B. They are displayed on five different floors.

                   C. They can all be touched by visitors to the museum.

  2. Which invention did most visitors to the museum believe to be the most important

                    A. the X-ray machine

                    B. the washing machine

                   C. the control section of the Apollo 10 spacecraft

3. What is true about the screen where science films are shown?

                   A. It is wider than four buses

                   B. It is located in the middle of an exhibition                                     

                   C. It is one of the biggest in the UK

4. The tours at the Science Museum

                    A. must be booked in advance

                    B. do not have to be paid for      

                    C. last a long time

5. Visitors can

                     A. eat their own food in certain areas

                     B. eat in one of the cafes next to the museum

                     C. have a picnic next to one of the exhibitions

Task 2.You will hear an interview with a computer programmer.Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.

1. What do most adults think about computer games?

      A. They are meaningful.

      B. They are a waste of time.

      C. They motivate students to do better at school.

2. How did James feel about computer games before coming across brain games?

      A. He wasn’t very fond of them

      B. He thought they helped improve memory.

      C. He knew they could help with brain training

3. The goal of Nintendo’s Brain Age is to

      A. make your brain age independent of your body age

      B. match your brain age to your body age

      C. lower your brain age

4. Brain Age and BrainWare  Safari are similar in

        A. you have  to access the Internet to play them

        B. both help improve memory and understanding

        C. both are played on a console

5. What conclusion has James reached about brain games?

          A. They are a fun to improve your mental skills.

          B. They are similar to doing exercised from a textbook.

          C. The tasks are too focused on entertaining to show any significant results in brain training.


Unit 11. NATURE

Tast 1. You will hear some information about rainforests. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.

           1. Rainforests do not grow in Asia.

           2. The Earth’s climate is affected by rainforests.

           3. More than  half of the world’s rainforests have disappeared.

           4. Rainforests are being destroyed only because people need wood.

           5. Some rainforest plants are used to make medicines.

Task 2. You will hear an expert talking about bees. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.

           1. There are almost 2,000 species of bees in Europe.

           2. In intensive farming, animals are kept inside.

           3. Bees absorb more pesticides than other insects.

           4. The varroa mite is a virus.

           5. Seventy crop species are pollinated by bees.



Task 1. You will hear an interview about a telephone helpline.Listen and answer the questions 1-5. Choose A, B or C.

1. What is Youth Connect?

  A. a radio station

  B. a telephone company

  C. a helpline

2. How is Youth Connect different?

            A. It puts callers through to people who can help them.

            B. It helps both adults and teenagers.

            C. The staff meet the callers personally.

3. The caller who had trouble sleeping

             A. had experienced a traumatic experience

             B. was suffering from stress

             C. was advised to take time off from school

4. Callers who are lonely

              A. often move to a big city

              B. all receive an information pack

              C. can speak to a local youth worker

5. Youth Connect can

               A. telephone for further information

               B. send callers useful advice

               C. only contact callers by email

Task 2.You will hear a radio programme in which athlete Eric Dunn talks about a form of exercise known as callisthenics. Decide whether the following statements are True or False,

1. Callisthenics has its roots in ancient Greece.

2. Eric Dunn has been training kids in his area for four years.

3.  Callisthenics targets specific muscle groups.

4. The kids who train with Eric have stopped eating meat.

5. Under certain conditions, calisthenics can strengthen two very important organs in the body.

Unit 13 SOCIETY.

Task 1.You will hear a talk on crime prevention.Listen and answer the questions 1- 5. Choose A, B or C.

1. The speaker congratulates

         A. the police on raising awareness of crime prevention

         B. the chairman of the meeting on giving such a good speech

         C. members of a neighbourhood watch scheme on reducing crime          

2. The speaker says that those intending to go away

         A. must put all valuables in a safe

         B. should let passer-by know that they are leaving

         C. should pack the car where others cannot see them

3. The speaker advises people to

         A. empty their letterbox before they leave

         B. cancel all their deliveries

         C. mow their lawn before they leave

4. The speaker says that an ideal hiding place for a thief is

          A. an outdoor building

          B. a garden

          C. a nearby shop

5. According to the speaker, most break-ins happen

          A. during the day

          B. at night          C. when people are away

Task 2.You will hear part of a radio programme about how the Internet affects society.Listen and answer the questions 1-6. Choose A, B or C.

1. Why is the Internet such a powerful tool?

         A. It has a huge number of websites with lots of information

         B. It is guaranteed to defend our freedom of speech.

         C. Almost anyone can use the Internet to express themselves

2. What do some people think should be banned?

         A. open access to some sites

         B. certain comedy websites

         C. public message boards

3. What does the speaker use as an example when discussing freedom of speech?

         A. two people having an argument online.

         B. someone using Internet message boards to make racist remarks

         C. two people who do not use the Internet correctly

4. What problematic issue does the speaker discuss regarding the Internet?

         A. People are too easy connected via social media.

         B. People can abuse the Internet.

         C. It can be hard to avoid offensive material.

5. What does the speaker suggest should not be tolerated?

           A. people arguing online

           B. over-policing on Internet message boards

           C. people suffering abuse online and in the real world

6. People are often abused online because

            A. no one is policing the Internet

            B. other users want to insult someone they know        

            C. Internet users can remain anonymous




Task 1. You will hear somebody talking about the inventor, Igor Sikorsky. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.


1. Aviation was the first thing Igor Sikorsky decided to study.

2. Some of Sikorsky’s inventions were not successful

3. Sikorsky contributed to world aviation with more than one invention.

4. Sikorsky’s company was founded in the United States in 1939.

5. Igor Sikorsky was 72 when he died.


Task 2.You will hear some information about Agatha Christie. Decide whether the following statements are True or False.


1. Agatha Christie’s father died in the First World War.

2. Agatha Christie completed part of her education abroad.

3. Agatha Christie started writing detective stories before the outbreak of the First World War.

4. Agatha Christie used her experience of working in a pharmacy in some of her books.

5. Some of her novels were written under a different name.




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