Тести з граматики для учнів 11 класу. Вживання умовних речень

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Тренувальні вправи-гарний засіб практикування вивчених структур та правил. Матеріал містить тестові завдання для тренування вживання умовних речень для учнів 10-11 класів.

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Тести з граматики (умовні речення)

11 клас І семестр


1.  I came out onto the porch to face a terrible destruction and I felt as if I ..... .

         1went mad              2.had gone mad           3.would have gone mad

2.  Why aren’t you listening to me? If only you ..... how important it is!

        1  Realized                2. had realized                3. would have realized

3.  The other day I watched a dog dance in the middle of the square. If I ..... it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it.

         1  didn’t see             2.hadn’t seen               3. wouldn’t have seen

4.  You’d better ..... this water; it might be infected.

      1   not drink                 2. don’t drink                3. not to drink

5.  I had no idea the trip to the jungle would be so dangerous. If only someone ..... me!

          1 had warned          2.would warn                  3.would have warned

6.  I’d rather    you  with washing up. There are a lot of dirty dishes in the sink.

         1 help                        2. would help                  3.helped

7.  If Rita hadn’t immigrated to Canada, she ..... my next door neighbor.

         1 would still be         2.should still be           3.would have still been

8.  Herald ..... us Christmas greetings if he knew our address in Glasgow.

        1   would send            2.would have sent          3.sent

9.  If we hadn’t booked tickets in advance, we ..... good seats.

         1 wouldn’t have got    2. wouldn’t get               3.won’t get

10.  If you were not busy tomorrow I ..... you to go on a picnic with us.

         1 would invite              2. invited                          3.will invite

11.  John has a very nice personality. If you ..... him better, you would like him more.

       1  had known                2.know                               3.knew

12.  But for his laziness Timothy ..... quite successful in business.

           1 might be                2.would be                        3.should be

13.  ..... you care for a full explanation, you may call any day between 10 and 11 a.m.

          1   Should                   2.Would                            3. Could

14.  We wouldn’t have gone to that restaurant if we ..... its prices.

        1   had known               2.knew                             3. know

15.  Why do you look so scared? What’s the matter? It seems as if you ..... a ghost.

  1 . saw                              2.see                                 3. had seen










  Доповніть умовні речення потрібним варіантом:



 1 'Where is my bank book?' '   If you............in the drawer, you'll find it.'
         A   had looked                 В   look                               С   looked
2 'Can I go and play football, please, Mum?'  'If you........your homework, you can go and play.'
         A   finished                      В   had finished                 С   have finished
3 'Dad shouted at me today.'  'Well, if you.......... the window, he wouldn't have shouted at   you.'
          A   didn't break                 В   hadn't broken                 С   don't break
4 'When ice melts, it.........water.'   'Everyone knows that!'
         A   becomes                      В   will become                     С   would become
5 'I'm going to a party tonight.'   'If I weren't ill, I..........with you.
          A   come                           В   will come                        С   would come
6 'If I were rich, I............around the world.'   'Perhaps you will one day.'
           A   will sail                       В   can sail                             С   could sail
7 'Have you seen Daniel recently?'          'No. If I have time, I.............him tomorrow.'
         A   would visit                    В   will                            С   visit
8 'Paul lost his watch.'  'Well, if he had looked after it, he............it.'
          A   wouldn't lose             В   won't lose                С   wouldn't have lost
9 'If you hadn't watched that film, you..............nightmares.'   'You're right.'
          A   wouldn't have had       В   won't have                    С   don't have
10 'I can't find my wallet.'   'If I were you, I ...... in my jacket pocket.'

          A   would look                   В   will look                      С   am looking

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