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The Frog Prince


Long ago there lived a king who had beautiful daughters. The youngest was the most beautiful of them all. They all lived in a very large palace. Around the palace there were wonderful gardens.

There was also a large forest and there under a tree was a pond. Often on a warm day the little princess went into this forest to play with her ball. It was a golden ball and it was her favourite toy. She threw the ball and caught it. Sometimes she threw it over the branches of the tree. She liked to see how high she could throw it. Now it so happened that one day the princess threw it so high that she couldn’t catch it and it fell in the pond. The princess knew the pond was very deep. Her father often told her not to go too near the pond because it could be dangerous. She sat down and cried. “I shall never see my beautiful ball again,” she thought.


“What’s the matter, little princess?” said a voice. “Why are you crying?” The little princess looked around her and saw a frog. “Oh, what do you want, you ugly, old frog? I’ve lost my beautiful golden ball for ever because it’s fallen in the pond.” “That’s no problem,” said the frog. “I can easily find it for you. What will you give me if I do it for you?” “I will give you all my dresses and my toys,” said the little princess.


“Thank you but I don’t want your dresses and your toys,” said the frog. “Can I be your friend, sit near you at the palace table, eat from your golden plate, drink from your golden cup and sleep near you in your lovely bed?” “Oh yes, yes. I’ll do anything if you just bring me my golden ball.” The princess thought that the frog could only live near water. “How could he come into the palace?” she thought.


When the frog heard the princess say “yes” he jumped into the pond to find the ball. Soon he was there again and the golden ball was in his mouth. He dropped it on the grass next to the princess. She was so happy to have her ball. She threw it and caught it. She forgot about the frog and started to run home.


“Wait, wait,” said the frog. “Please don’t run so fast. I cannot go as fast as you.” The princess just didn’t want to hear him. She ran through the palace gardens and into the palace and closed the door.

“What are you doing?” her father, the king, asked. The princess then told him everything about the golden ball, the pond and the frog. “I don’t want the ugly frog to come into the palace,” said the princess to her father. “I have always taught you to be kind and to do what you say you will do,” said her father unhappily.


He told her to go and open the door and invite the frog to dinner. At dinner the princess said she really wasn’t very hungry and didn’t want to eat. The frog was very hungry and thirsty and had a very good meal. The princess just didn’t want to eat from the same plate as the frog and she certainly didn’t want to drink from the same cup. “Will you take me to your bedroom now?” said the frog. “Oh dear,” the princess began to cry. “I cannot sleep in a bed with a frog. It’s.too much to ask.”

“I would like to go to bed,” said the frog. “Please take me there now.”

“No, I will not,” said the princess. “You will not sleep in my bed.”

But the king said, “Remember what the frog did for you and what you said to him.”

There was only one thing the princess could do. She took the frog to her room where she very quickly dropped him on the floor and went to bed. She could hear the frog. He came nearer to the bed and climbed on the pillow next to her. The princess was so unhappy and she shouted at the frog to go back to the pond. The frog just said, “I will tell your father if you are not good and kind.”

The princess cried and cried. She cried so much that she cried herself to sleep.

Next morning the frog jumped to the floor and the strangest

thing happened. When the princess woke up she saw in front of her a most handsome, young prince. “Oh princess,” he said. “Look at me. I wasn’t what I seemed to be. Only you could help me. That’s why I waited and waited in the pond for you to come.”

The princess was so surprised but now she was very happy. The prince then asked her again if they could be friends. You can guess that when they were older they married and lived happily ever after.


  1. Vocabulary:

Palace – the king’s palace, a very old palace, a beautiful palace. They lived in a nice palace. The palace stood on a hill.

Around – around the palace, around the school, around the house. Look around, run around, to be around. I will be around.

Throw (threw) – to throw the fall, to throw a stone, to throw a snowball. Don’t throw stones into my dog. He threw at me a book. Throw back, throw off, throw up, throw down.

Branch – the branch of the tree, the branch of the bush, the branch of industry. A bird was on a branch. I hid in the branches. The band has branches. The road branches here.

To happen – it happens often. If anything happens to him, let me know. How did it happen? When did it happen? (Where)

Deep – the river (pond, lake, stream) was deep. Is it very deep? I am afraid it’s deep.

Dangerous – It can be dangerous. The river is dangerous to bathe in. Why is it dangerous to cross the street when the light is red?

Cry – he cried because he had lost his money. He cried for help. I hear angry cries. Cry-baby – плакса. ‘Help, help’ – he cried. To cry the news all over the town.

Voice – he is not in good voice. She has lost her voice. He shouted at the top of his voice. She said in an angry voice.

Easily – I can find easily (read, run, get, do, an easy life, task, work). Easier said than done.

Catch (caught) – to catch a fall, to catch a bird, to catch a butterfly, to catch a fly. Catch me if you can. He runs fast I cannot catch him.

Drop – the apples begin to drop. She dropped the tea cup. His voice dropped. He dropped many of his friends. Eye drops, ear drops, nose drops. There isn’t a drop of milk left.

Teach (taught) – the teachers (parents) teach us to do many good things. Who taught you to say bad words? She taught Geography.

To invite – I want to invite my friends to my birthday party. Who do you want to invite? Let’s invite all your friends. Don’t forget to do it, Linda.

  1. False or true:
  1. This is a story of a king who had beautiful daughters.
  2. The youngest was so beautiful ah her sisters.
  3. They all lived in a nice palace.
  4. There was a pond around the palace.
  5. On warm days the princes played in the forest.
  6. Her favorite toy was a pretty doll.
  7. She threw the ball and caught it.
  8. One day she threw the ball and couldn’t catch it. The ball fell into the pond.
  9. When she was crying she heard a voice.
  10. It was an ugly frog, who wanted to help the princes.
  11. The frog wanted to like in the palace for his help.
  12. The princes agreed but when the frog brought the ball she ran away to the palace.
  13. The Father King always taught her to do what she said she would do.
  14. He told her to invite the frog into the palace.
  15. The frog began to live in the palace.
  16. The princes was unhappy to have the ugly frog in her room.
  17. Once morning the frog became a handsome prince.
  1. Answer the questions:
  1. Had the King sons or daughters?
  2. What was the youngest daughter like?
  3. What kind of palace did they live in?
  4. Where was a pond?
  5. Where did the young princes like to play?
  6. What was her favorite toy?
  7. What did she do with her golden ball?
  8. Why did her Father often tall her not to go too near the pond?
  9. What happened one day?
  10. Could she find her ball?
  11. Who could find it?
  12. What did the frog want for her help?
  13. Did the princes agree to take his help?
  14. Did she take the frog to the palace after that?
  15. Was it good not to keep the word?
  16. Who told her to invite the frog to the palace?
  17. What happened in the morning?
  18. Has the story a happy end?
  19. Did the prince and the princes marry?
  20. Is there a similar story in a Russantale?
  21. What’s the difference?
  1. Give situations with Vocabulary
  2. Give         synonyms:                                            antonyms:


Pond – take

Favorite – loved

High – tall

Near – at, by

To fall – to drop

Happy – glad

Fast – quick

Kind – good

Handsome – pretty

One day – once

       Beside – near

The youngest – the oldest

Palace – hut

Warm – cool

To throw – to catch

High – low

Easy – difficult

To find – to lose

Happy – unhappy

Fast – slow

To close – to open

Kind – unkind, bad

To remember – to forget

To drop – to pick

After – before

Jump into – jump out

  1. Give the verb forms

To go, to come, to invite, to fall, to drop, to guess, to say, to hear, to shout, to begin, to jump, to tell, to close, to eat, to sleep.

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