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The Hen and the Rose

There was a beautiful rose in a beautiful garden. Every morning she looked at the sun and smiled. But one morning when the sun came out he was surprised to see that his friend, the rose, looked sad. He wanted to know what was the matter.

“Dear Rose,” said the sun, “why do you look so sad?”

“Oh dear!” answered the rose, “I am so unhappy because an ugly worm is eating my leaves and will not go away. ’

The sun felt very sorry for the rose. “I will not shine,” he said, “until Rose is happy.” So he hid behind a cloud.

The wind came along. “Father Sun,” he cried, “why are you not shining today?”

“Rose is so unhappy,” answered the sun. “An ugly worm is eating her leaves and he will not go away. I will not shine until Rose is happy.”

“I, too, am so sorry for Rose,” said the wind. “I won’t blow until Rose is happy.”

And the wind stopped blowing.

A bird was surprised when the wind stopped blowing.

“Mr Wind,” he called, “why have you stopped blowing?”

“Rose is so unhappy. An ugly worm is eating her leaves and will not go away. So Father Sun will not shine and I will not blow until Rose is happy.”

“I also love Rose,” sang the bird. “I will not sing again until Rose is happy.”

The bird met a hen.

“Why do you look so sad? Why aren’t you singing?” said the hen.

“Rose is so unhappy. An ugly worm is eating her leaves and it will not go away. So Father Sun will not shine, Mr Wind will not blow and I will not sing again until Rose is happy.”


“Really!” cried the hen. “Please tell me how this will help Rose? If you want to help Rose you must do something for her. Come with me.” The hen and the bird went to see the rose. The old hen asked no questions. She did not even take the time to say good morning. She looked at the leaves of the rose with her little eyes. She found the worm and ate it.

“There,” she said. “See how I have helped Rose and at the same time had a delicious breakfast.”

  1. Vocabulary:

To be surprised – I`m surprised. Are you surprised?

Why is she surprised. I`m not surprised he is late.

To smile – a smile face; She never smiles. I love when you smile. She has a nice smile;

To look sad (happy, unhappy, nice, ugly, angry, surprised)

Why do you look so sad? Smile, don`t look sad.

To feel sorry – I feel sorry I am late. He never feels sorry for what he does. Don`t feel sorry.

To shine – The sun shines. The moon shines. The stars shine. His face shines.

To be sorry – I`m sorry to be late (to take the wrong book, number, to miss the lesson). I`m sorry for you. Don`t be sorry. I want to tell you how sorry I am.

To call – 1. Mother calls me, I must go. Do you hear somebody is calling? Listen! It`s Mike`s call. 2. He calls me in the evening. Can you call me?

Until – I shan`t come until the weather is fine. They work until it gets dark. Until what time…?

 at the same time I saw much interesting, had a delicious dinner, helped my grandparents.

  1. False or true:
    1. It`s a story of a beautiful garden.
    2. A magic tree was in that garden.
    3. One day the sun saw the rose looked very sad.
    4. The sun learnt about an ugly worm.
    5. The sun stopped shining until Rose was happy.
    6. The wind was sorry for the worm.
    7. The wind stopped blowing until the sun was happy.
    8. A bird was surprised when the wind stopped blowing.
    9. The bird loved Rose and was very sorry for her.
    10. The bird stopped singing until Rose was happy.
    11. One day the bird met a lion.
    12. The hen learnt how Rose was unhappy.
    13. The hen wanted to help the sun to shine (the wind to blow, the bird to sing)
    14. The hen asked no questions.
    15. The hen came up and ate the worm.
    16. The hen helped Rose and had a delicious breakfast.
  2. Answer the questions:
    1. Is the story sad or merry?
    2. Who is it about?
    3. What Rose of was there in the garden?
    4. Who were Rose`s friends?
    5. Why was Rose sad?
    6. Why did the sun stop shining?
    7. What did the wind stop blowing?
    8. Why was the bird surprised?
    9. Who was the bird sorry for?
    10. Who did the bird meet?
    11. Did the hen think the Rose`s friends were right?
    12. Why were the friends not right?
    13. What did the hen do?
    14. Did she help Rose (have a good breakfast, teach the friends a lesson?)
    15. Was she clever (hungry, helpful, a good friend)
  3. Give situations from the text using Vocabulary I
  4. Complete:
    1. Once upon a time there …
    2. The Rose had …
    3. Her friends were …
    4. One morning the sun was surprised because …
    5. The Rose was sad because …
    6. The sun stopped shining until …
    7. The wind was also surprised and …
    8. He stopped flowing until …
    9. The bird was sorry for the Rose and …
    10. When the bird met the hen …
    11. The hen didn`t think the friends …
    12. The hen stopped …
    13. She wanted to help Rose and …
    14. So the hen helped Rose and …
    15. The story has …
  5. Translate: Better act than talk.
  6. Give  synonyms:    antonyms:

Tasty – delicious    ugly – nice, beautiful

To tell – to say, talk, speak   to smile – to look sad

To look – to watch    to ask – to answer

To be happy – to be glad   happy – un happy

To be sorry – to feel sorry   go away – come back

Behind – at the back of   to stop – to begin,

To help – to assist, to give aid  until – from

       Same –opposite

       Behind – in front of


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