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Урок англійської мови для 4 класу “My Flat”.

Про матеріал

Вивчити нові слова по темі. Виконувати різні завдання по темі.Повторити прислівники місця. Структури There is… . There are… . Продовжувати вчити слухати тексти та виконувати завдання на основі прослуханого.

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 4 класу “My Flat”.


          1) to learn new words for the topic “My Flat”.

2) to read the text for the main gist and for getting more information; do different exercises after text (true or false, speaking, complete some sentences).

3) to learn the prepositions such as: near,  in front of, next to, on, under, behind, between, above).

4) to understand short  text after listening and do different actions.

5) to learn constructions There is… . There are… .

6) to describe pictures with new words and constructions.


 pictures for the topic, card 1 (match the pair), placard “Prepositions”, a doll, card 2 (true or false), a ball, pictures “My Room”, pencils.


- Today our lesson  is not as usual. The guests come to see us and our lesson. Don’t be afraid. OK. Let’s start our lesson.

-Look at the window and tell me please:

  • What season is it now?
  • What month is it now?
  • What day is it today?
  • What is the weather like today?
  • Who has another variant?
  • What colour is the sky?
  • Is the sun shining?
  • Is it cold? Is it hot? Is it chilly?
  • Do you like this weather? Yes, I do. No, I do not.


  • -Look at the board. Today in this spring day we are going to speak about … . The topic of our lesson is… .

 There are some pictures on the board.

-OK But there are a lot of new words on the board. Let’s repeat after me:

  • Exercise with cards( TV, a picture, a book-shelf, a wall, a computer, a table, a sofa, a chair, a floor, a flower, a carpet, a wardrobe, a radio, a window, an arm-chair, a cupboard.)
  • Let’s repeat after me.
  • Is this a door? Yes, it is.
  • Is this a floor? No, it is not.
  • What’s this?  This is a door.
  • Match the pair.( card 1 )






Card 1

Match the pair

A bookcase                                                    килим

A carpet                                                         телевізор

A comfortable sofa                                        ваза з квітами

A TV-set                                                        книжкова шафа

A vase with flowers                                       диван комфортний

A window-sill                                                 вазон

An arm-chair                                                  підвіконня

A flower-pot                                                   крісло

  • Translate into Ukrainian.
  • Translate into English
  • Make up words exercise 1 page 15.
  • Exercise with prepositions

Oh, look. Who is this? This is Garfield. He is very funny and he likes to play. Let’s play together. But first of all we have to repeat our preposition and our Garfield will listen to us very attentively. OK Bear. Sit down and listen to our pupils. They have known these words.

Look at this placard and translate please:

( near, in front of, next to, behind, between, on, under, in, above)

Our bear wants to play with us. He is very funny and naughty.

  • Exercise with a picture.

Where is Garfield? (Tell me only prepositions)

-OK Enough Thank you Garfield. Be polite and listen to our children.

Translate please:

in the middle of the room

near the window

to the left of the sofa



 -Every person has it’s own flat.

 -Do you have a flat? Yes, I do.

-Do you have your room? Yes, I do. No, I do not.   

 - I have my room too. I’ll read you about  my room. You listen to me attentively and do my tasks.(text page 50) I’ll read this text twice.

Card 2

True or false

  1. There are two pictures on the wall.
  2. There is a brown carpet on the floor.
  3. There is a bookcase in the room.
  4. There is not a sofa in the room.
  5. There are three armchairs near the sofa.
  6. There is a TV on the desk.
  7. There are two windows in the room.
  8. There is not a chair by the sofa.



“Head and “Shoulders”


I have a friend. His name is Tom.(a doll). Tom has his flat and he wants to tell us about his flat.

Exercise 4 page 21 (V M Plakhotnyk 4)

  • Read this text in silence.
  • Complete my sentences
  • Translate from English into Ukrainian.
  • Translate from Ukrainian into English.


Describe this picture. We have the picture near the text.

I can see… .

There is a … .

There are … .


Fill in the gabs.


Fill in the gabs.

  1. There… a TV-set at the wall.
  2. There… two arm-chairs near the sofa.
  3. There… many books in Tom’s bookcase.
  4. There… a nice carpet on the floor.
  5. There… a doll on the sofa.
  6. There… two clocks on the wall.
  7. There… four widows in the room.


  • Tom has brought us the picture of the house. But it is empty. Look this house is on the board. It is magic. Listen to me and try to fill this house in.

Jim six big  sit


































  1. You can see a house. It is not little. It is __________.
  2. I live in this house. My name is ___________.
  3. I am a little boy. I am ____________.
  4. I do not like to __________ still.

Come to the board and write down these words.

  • There are many pictures of his room too. There is a text near this pictures. Read  the sentences and draw this things into the room. (card)



Read and draw

  1. There is a clock on the table.
  2. There are two pictures on the wall near the shelf.
  3. There is a chair at the table.
  4. There is a bag behind the chair.
  5. There are three pencils on the chair.
  6. There is a ball under the table.
  7. There are two dolls on the bed.
  8. There is a cat between the dolls. 


Draw your own room. Exercise 3 page 21.


Read the text and fill in the gabs

Saturdays               sofa               light             room

Blue                         windows              three              wall

This is my… . It is… and clean. I clean my room on… . There are two… in my room. I have got a desk, a bed and a… in my room. There are… shelves in the room, too. The walls are… . There are some pictures on the … . I like my room very much.


You were good.

Your marks are … .

-Do you like our lesson?

- What was the topic of our lesson?

-What new constructions have you learned?

X POEM “My Flat”

Our large family

Has a nice flat.

We live there happily

With a kitten and a cat.

My sisters and brothers

All go to school.

We help our mother

It’s a good rule.



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