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Урок англійської мови для 6 класу “The Independence Day in the USA”.

Про матеріал

вивчити нові слова по темі " Holidays". Продовжувати вчити читати автентичні тексти для отримання потрібної інформації та виковувати різні види завдань на основі текстів. Продовжувати вчити складати розповіді та діалоги.

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 6 класу

“The Independence Day in the USA”.



  1. to learn new words for the topic “Holidays”
  2. to identify main ideas and details from the authentic text for reading despite the natural difficulties.
  3. to talk about the celebration of the Independence Day in the USA.
  4. to conduct your own dialogues using the given ones as a model.




  1. with new words.
  2. with tag-questions.
  3. true or false.
  4. complete the sentences.
  5. dialogues.
  6. text.



-Last lesson we spoke about the National holidays of the USA. Your home task was : Prepare the short stories about the holidays of the USA. Listen to very attentively and then answer my questions.


  1. Is the USA an old country?
  2. Are Americans hard-working? Why do you think so?
  3. What holidays do you know?
  4. How many National holidays do the American people celebrate?
  5. What is the most important holiday?


You know a lot of Americans holidays. Listen to me and tell me: What holiday is this?

What holiday is this?


  1. The last Thursday in November kept in the USA as a holiday in memory of the Pilgrims who celebrated their first American harvest festival in the autumn of 1621.( …)
  2. November,11 a national holiday in the USA honoring the veterans of all wars.( … )
  3. The last Monday in may observed in most states of the USA as a day of remembrance for all Americans killed in wars.( … )
  4. December,25 celebrated as a church festival and observed as a holiday. ( … )
  5. The anniversary of the independence, the public holiday in the USA. ( … )


- There are some cards with sentences on your desks. Now your task is :

Make up tag questions. Complete these sentences.

-Take your pencils and write down on these sheet of papers.


  1. In the evening there are big firework displays, …?
  2. American people celebrate their country’s independence from England on the fourth of July, … ?
  3. We are not going to the central square at night to watch fireworks, …?
  4. The streets were beautiful that night, …?
  5. Look! The flag is waving, …?
  • Let’s check your task.


-Look at the board and tell me please: What is the topic of our lesson?





 P     J

 E fourth

 N   L







-What is the most important holiday?


-We have some new words which we shall need in our work. Take this sheet of papers.

New words


  1. to declare - проголошувати
  2. to rule – правити, керувати
  3. taxes – податки
  4. colonist – колоніст, поселенець
  5. to choose – chose – обирати
  6. Tomas Jefferson – Томас Джеферсон
  7. to sign – підписувати
  8. equal – рівний
  9. to ring – rang –дзвонити
  10.          to fire – стріляти
  11.          picnic – пікнік
  12.          Philadelphia – Філадельфія
  13.          Pennsylvania – Пенсільванія
  14.          band – оркестр
  15.          firework – феєрверк
  16.          to win – won – вигравати, перемагати
  • repeat after me
  • translate into Ukrainian
  • translate into English

-There  are some words on the board. Try to guess. What words are there on the board?

  • eulr             rule
  • snoctoli      colonist
  • ipcnci          picnic
  • orfwkrie     firework
  • etsxa           taxes


  • PRE-READING ACTIVITIES (words, short stories)

Today we’ll speak about the most important holiday for all Americans. I  have short text about this holiday.


Look through this text and

-Circle the letter on the best answer.

July Fourth

July Fourth is the birthday of the United States. I is the national holiday. Another name for July  Fourth is Independence Day. We celebrate July Fourth as Independence Day because on July 4, 1776, the original thirteen colonies declared their independence from England.

Before 1776, the King of England ruled the thirteen colonies in America. The colonists were angry with the king because of taxes. They wanted their independence from England. A war started in 1775 between the colonists and soldiers from England. The colonists won the war. They wanted to say why they wanted their independence or freedom from England. So they chose Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence.

On  July 4, 1776, the leaders of the colonies signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It said that all people were equal and had the right to live freedom. A new nation was born. People rang bells and fired guns for the birth of the United States of America.

Today, we celebrate July the Fourth in many different ways. During the day, many people get together with friends and family members for picnics. Many cities have parades with bands in the streets. At night there are noisy fireworks. These beautiful fireworks of different colours light up the sky all across the country.


Circle the letter on the best answer

  1. July Fourth is __________.
    1. the King of England’s birthday
    2. Independence Day
    3.  a national holiday in every country
  2. On July 4, 1776_________.
    1. the leaders of the thirteen colonies signed the Declaration of Independence
    2. the English won the war
    3. Thomas Jefferson was born
  3. Today, on July Forth there are _______.
    1. fireworks at night
    2. wars in many cities
    3.  colonists in the streets

-Read this text

-Translate the paragraph about:

  • Why do the American people want to be independent?
  • What is The Fourth of July for the American people?
  • What is the another name for The Fourth of July?
  • What do the Americans do on this day today?
  • When did the leader sign the Declaration of Independence?

-Come to the map and show us Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.


Take this card. Every sentences has the mistake . Correct them.


True or false

One word in each sentence is not correct. Cross out the word and write the correct answer above it.

  1. The Queen of England ruled the thirteen colonies in America.
  2. A war started between the colonists and leaders from England.
  3. Thomas King wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  4. People fired bells for the birth of the United States.
  5. Today, on July Fourth, friends and family get together for kings.
  6. At night, fireworks light up the sky across the state.
  • The next task is :


Complete the sentences using the past tenses of the verbs

Example: The King of England ruled the colonies.


  1. The colonists  ( be ) angry with the King.
  2. The colonists  ( want ) their independence.
  3. In 1775  a war ( start ).
  4. The American colonists ( win ) the war.
  5. They ( choose ) Thomas Jefferson.
  6. The leaders ( sign ) The Declaration of Independence.



  • Answer the questions:
  • What is another name for July Fourth?
  • Why do the Americans celebrate July Fourth as Independence Day?
  • Where did the leaders of the colonies sign the Declaration of Independence?
  • In what way do the Americans celebrate July Fourth today?
  • Are there noisy fireworks at night?

-Pretend to be a guest from Pennsylvania. Tell about the celebration of the Independence in the USA and in our country.


-At home some pupils prepared the dialogues. One pupil is from America but another pupil is from Ukraine.


  • Hello! I am from Ukraine. I want to know about the USA as much as possible. I know that Americans are hard-working. Do you have holidays?
  • Oh, yes! We have five national holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving day and Christmas. We celebrate these holidays in every states.
  • But you don’t say about St Valentine `s Day and Halloween.
  • American people celebrate these holidays only in some states. But these holidays are very beautiful and bright. I like them very much.
  • In Ukraine the most important holiday is the Day of Independence. We celebrate it on the 24th of August. Tell me please about your country.
  • The most important holiday for all Americans is July fourth, the Independence day too.
  • What do you do on this day ?
  • Many people go to picnic. Many cities have parade with bands in the streets. At night we have firework.
  • Is this holiday old?
  • Yes, it is. This holiday has a long history. King of England ruled the thirteen colonies in America. The taxes were very high. American people wanted to be independent. There was a war in 1775. And on July 4, 1775 the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The new nation was born.
  • Oh, thank you. It was very interesting. Good – bye.
  • Good- bye! See you soon!


Make up short stories about The Independence Day in the USA.


-What was our topic?

- What is the most important holiday for all Americans? Why?

- Do the Ukrainian people have such holiday in Ukraine?

- When do they celebrate it?

        - Do you like this holiday? Why?

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