Урок англійської мови для учнів 6 класу за підручником А. Несвіт на тему "Food. My favorite dish"

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Очікувані результати: учні активізують вивчену лексику за темою "Їжа", вдосконалять комунікативні навички, навички аудіювання, вміють використовувати вивчений матеріал у сферах спілкування.

Перегляд файлу

                   Topic: Food.  My favorite dish       6 form



  • to summarize and systematize pupils’ knowledge on the topic;
  • to develop listening, reading, writing skills;
  • to develop the pupils’ pair and group communicative skills;
  • to widen the pupils’ outlook;
  • to bring up pupils as hard-working persons.


  • to develop memory;
  • to develop attention, quick reaction, interests;

Equipment:  pictures on the topic “Food”, a multimedia board, a computer, copies of the text.

                               Хід уроку

  1. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення

1.  Introduction Greeting and aims

Teacher: Good morning, dear children!

Pupils: Good morning, dear teacher!

Teacher: I’m glad to see you.

Pupils: We’re glad to see you, too.

Teacher: How are you?

P.1: I am ok.

P.2: I am well.

P.3: I am fine

Teacher: Look at the pictures and write a word under each pictureD:\Users\Александр\Downloads\Без названия.jpgРезультат пошуку зображень за запитом "малюнок олія"D:\Users\Александр\Downloads\images.jpgРезультат пошуку зображень за запитом "малюнок деруни"

Teacher: Take the first letter of each word.  Guess the topic of our lesson. We’re studying a very interesting and popular topic. It is “Food. My favorite dish”. We can’t imagine our life without food. It is the staff of our life. We live not to eat but eat to live. You know such a good proverb, I think.

Today at the lesson we’ll summarize and systematize our knowledge on the topic: talk about your likes in food, develop your listening, reading and writing skills, make a recipe of our favorite dish.

2.  Warming up

Teacher:  Listen to me and repeat every line after me.

Bacon and eggs,

Apples and pears,

Bread and butter,

Plums and cherries,

Cheese and biscuits,

Fish and chips,

Chocolate cake,



  1. Discussion.

Teacher: Children!  Answer the questions:

        What dairy products have you heard?

What products are sweet?

What products can we fry?

         What products can we boil?


Teacher: And now I’ve got a rhyme for you. You’ll finish the lines like real poets. Let’s see.  

I am Sam. I like …                  (jam)

I am Bruce. I like                (juice)

I am Sophie. I like …             (coffee)

He is Tony. He likes …          (macaroni)

She is Betty. She likes        (spaghetti)

He is Lee. He likes               (tea)

Teacher: How clever you are!

II. Main part

  1. Work in pairs. Form words from two parts:














  1. Find and write the words on our topic


  1. Listening skills

Teacher: Listen to the text and write if the sentences are true or false

                                          Lunch at school

Twelve o`clock is the time for lunch in our school. Children are running to the school cafe. They are thirsty and very hungry. Today they have some potatoes and some fish, a glass of tea and some biscuits for their lunch. There are also different kinds of burgers, pizzas and salads. Pupils can buy bottles of water, cans of lemonade or cartons of juice. My friend Pete likes to buy a bar of chocolate or a box of sweets. We like to have lunch at school.


  1. 10 o`clock is the time for lunch in our school. F
  2. The children are running to the school café.   T
  3. They are not hungry. F
  4. They are thirsty. T
  5. Today they have got some potatoes, some fish, a glass of tea and biscuits. T
  6. There are different pizzas. T
  7. There are two kinds of salad. F
  8. There is tea, coffee, milk. F
  9. My friend Pete likes to buy a box of sweets. T
  10. We don`t like to have lunch at school. F


  1. A game “Jigsaw sentences”

(The pupils are divided into two groups at the beginning of the lesson. One group – team “Apples”, the second one – “Pears”.)

Teacher: “Apples” – the beginning of the sentences, “Pears” – the ending of them. Apples! Your task is to find your partners with the ending of your sentences. Pears! Find the partners with the beginning of them. Let’s start. (A game in its process.)

  1. People cannot live without
  2. Animals, fish, birds and plants
  3. Bread, sugar, meat, butter, cheese, rice
  4. Meat, fish and milk
  5. Vegetables, eggs, cornflakes
  6. You must eat vegetables and fruit 


cannot live without food either.

make you strong and give you energy.

help you grow.

make your bones and teeth strong.

because they have got a lot of vitamins.

Teacher: Good for you! I thank both teams!

 (Pupils do the task.)

          5. Relaxing.

Teacher: Let’s have a rest. Let`s sing a song “I like food”.

  6.    Speaking skills

Teacher: Children!  Answer the questions:

How many meals a day have you got?

What is breakfast time in Ukraine?

What do you usually have for breakfast (dinner, supper)?

What are your favorite dishes?

What are your favorite drinks?

What are Ukrainian popular dishes?

Are you a good or bad eater?

What is your favorite dish?

  1. Teacher: Children! Today we make a recipe of our favorite dish. It`s

 an apple pie.

Teacher: Put the sentences in correct order

               Wash apples and cut them into small pieces.

               Take a bowl and break three eggs into it.

               Add flour and mix it.

               Pour apples into the pie pan and pour the batter over them.

               Wait for about 40 minutes.

               Enjoy your treat!

               Add a cup of sugar and beat them together with mixer.

               Need apples, eggs, sugar, flour.

               Put our pie into the oven to bake.

  III. Conclusion

  Homework and Summing-up

 Teacher: Prepare a project about your favorite dish.

You’ve worked very well. You’ve got such marks for your work at the lesson.   Children! What have we done at our today’s lesson?

Thanks. The lesson is over. Good luck. Good-bye.


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