Урок ''час для розваг'' 4 клас англійська мова

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урок розроблено до підручника О. Д. Карп'юк 4 клас. урок у формі вікторини. узагальнений матеріал з теми
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Form: 4

Topic: Free time

Lessons Aims:

  • revise pupils’ knowledge of the unit;
  • revise the vocabulary;
  • revise the grammar;
  • summarize and systematize pupils’ skills and knowledge of the unit.

Learning Objectives:

  • to revise pupils’ knowledge of the unit;
  • to summarize and systematize pupils’ skills and knowledge of the unit;
  • to review the Present Continuous Tense;
  • to review the vocabulary of the unit;
  • to review the prepositions of the time: usually, always, often, never, sometimes;
  • to review kinds of sport.

Learning Outcomes: by the end of the lesson the learners will be able to:

  • summarize their knowledge and skills of the unit;
  • review the grammar and vocabulary of the topic;
  • name the kinds of the sport;
  • use the preposition of the time;
  • solve the crossword and riddles.

Materials: cards with sentences, ‘’snowball’’



I . Organizational moment

Good morning, pupils! How are you today? Do you ready for the lesson? Let’s check your presents.

II . The topic of the lesson.

Today we are going to revise your knowlage of the unit and have the contest ‘’Who is the cleverest’’

III . Checking the homework

Your homework was the exercises 1 – 4 on pages    . Have you done? Let’s check!

IV . Warming up

  1. Pupils, let’s remember the Present Continuous Tens.
  2. Game ‘’Snowball’’.

 Let’s remember all vocabulary and preposition of the time. I have the ‘’snowball’’ with questions. Your task is ketch the ‘’ball’’, role up a question and answer on it.

  1. What do you usually do?
  2. What do you sometimes do?
  3. What do you never do?
  4. What do you often do?
  5. What do you always do?
  6. Translate the word ‘’ a pirate’’?
  7. Translate the word ‘’ a ghost’’?
  8. Translate the word ‘’ take a photo’’?
  9. Translate the word ‘’ drive a bumper car’’?
  10. Translate the word ‘’ a dinosaur’’?
  11. Translate the word ‘’ a rollercoaster’’?
  12. Translate the word ‘’ride a rollercoaster’’?
  13. Translate the word ‘’ a desert island’’?
  14. How we say’’настільний теніс’’?
  15. How we say ‘’баскетбольний клуб’’?
  16. How we say ‘’хокей’’?
  17. How we say ‘’кататися на велосипед’’і?
  18. How we say ‘’волейбол’’?

V. The main part of the lesson

Pupils, join up into 2 teams boys and girls. Choose your names.

  1. Making a story
  • On your desks you have parts of  the story. Your task is fill in the words usually, always, often, never, sometimes to make a true story and read it.


  1. I am an actor


Your task is read the sentence and show a mime.


  1. I am eating an ice-cream
  2. I am dancing with a pirate
  3. I am drinking a lemonade
  4. I am signing with a cat
  5. I am looking for a treasure
  6. I am driving a bumper car
  7. I am riding a rollercoaster
  8. I am riding a dinosaur
  9. I am taking a photo
  10. I am swimming like a fish
  11. I am riding a horse
  12. I am riding a bike
  13. I am eating chili paper
  14. I am crying
  15. I am laughing
  16. I am walking in a jangle
  17. I am fishing
  18. I am listen to music
  19. I am having a breakfast
  20. I am playing tennis
  21. I am playing computer games

3. Solving the crossword

  1. We like it watching on TV. (film)
  2. We like play it on computer. (game)
  3. This animal lived many years ago. (dinosaur)
  4. He is looking for a treasure. (pirate)
  5. We like to read it. (book)
  6. We like to play with it. (toy)
  7. When we usually get up. (morning)
  8. This thing has hours, minutes and seconds. (clock)
  9. This game we play with a ball. (football)
  10.  It lives in an old castle. (ghost)




VI. Home task

VII. The summary of the lesson

  • winners
  • marks
До підручника
Англійська мова (підручник для загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів) 4 клас (Павліченко О.М., Доценко І.В., Євчук О.В.)
25 листопада 2019
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