Урок " Christmas Is Coming"

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Урок англійської мови для учнів 4 класу на тему " Свята". Метою уроку є закріпити слова з даної теми, навчити вживати здобуті знання в мовленні та письмі, вдосконалити комунікативні навички. Розвивати навички говоріння, аудіювання, читання, письма, навички роботи в групі. Прищепити любов до звичаїв та традицій іншого народу.
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                   The lesson for the pupils of the fourth form

Topic: Christmas is coming


practical: to reserve the using Christmas words; to teach to use the gained knowledge and information in speech and in writing; to improve communicative skills of pupils;

developing: to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; to develop skills of working in a group;

upbringing: to bring up the respect to customs and traditions of other nations.

 Equipment: pictures of Christmas words, cards with grammar tasks, video and audio recordings of Christmas songs


I. Introduction of the lesson

T: Good morning dear boys and girls.

Cl: Good morning dear teacher.

T: Sit down, please. Smile to me. Smile to your neighbours. Let’s begin our lesson. Look at the screen. Guess. What are we going to speak about at our lesson today?

P: We are going to speak about Christmas.

T: Yes. You’re right. Today we’ll speak about Christmas and its traditions, we’ll do many Christmas activities. And the topic of our lesson is “Christmas is coming”

We have an unusual lesson. We’re going to visit Santa Claus and help him to prepare for Christmas

Close your eyes( звучить мелодія “Jingle Bells”) open your eyes. Let’s imagine  

that we’re visiting Santa.

Warm – up activity

T: Santa Claus wants to understand can we help him? Let’s remember some Christmas words and play the game”Memory”. Choose the pictures for every words on the tables. 

T: And now listen to me and repeat after me. T – Cl

II. Main part of the lesson

Vocabulary practice

Look at the screen, match the words and read them

To celebrate                              a greeting card

To decorate                               presents

To make                                    a Christmas tree

To buy                                       Christmas

To wear                                     a fancy costume

To send                                      a pudding

T: Santa Claus is happy. He thanks you.


T: And now he asks you to share some duties among the members of your family.

Put the words in order to make up the sentences

1. is/ a/ Christmas/ mother/ pudding/ cooking/ the/ in/ kitchen/my

2. and/ father/ are/ decorating/ brother/ in/ a/ tree/ Christmas/ the/ living- room/my

3. am/ I/ in/ supermarket/ shopping/ doing/ the

4. cleaning/ is/ sister/ my/ flat/ our








Physical activity

You are tired  Let’s have a rest. Sing a song and do physical exercises. “Christmas dancing tree”

Group work

T: Santa Claus wants you’ll go to the shop and buy some sweets. Fill in this shopping list with  a, an, some

                                  Shopping list:

___    orange                                                    ___   lemonade

___    sugar                                                      ___    pudding

___    banana                                                   ___    orange

___    cream                                                     ___    jam

___    apple                                                      ___    honey

___    chocolate                                                ___    candy

___    juice                                                       ___    biscuit

T: Are you ready? Now exchange your lists, check up, correct mistakes and read.

Reading Comprehension

Pre- reading

T: You like different presents. Now read the Jane's letter to Santa and than say:

- what presents would the children like?

_what presents would you like for Christmas?

While- reading

T: Read the text one by one. ( Діти читають текс по черзі)

Dear Santa Claus,

 My name is Jane. I have got a brother. His name is Adam. I am seven. Adam is nine. We like to go to school.

 We can read, write and count. We are good pupils. We help our mother.  I clean the rooms. Adam walks with Rex  in the park. Rex is a nice black dog. I like to skate. Adam likes to ride a bike.

 We like Christmas. We love you, dear Santa. We would like Christmas presents. I would like new skates. Adam would like a new bike. Rex would like a big red ball. Come and see us. We have got a nice Christmas tree, a lot of sweets, apples and oranges.

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 With love,

 Jane, Adam and Rex Brown

Post- reading

T: Please, answer my questions. What presents would the children like?

What presents would you like for Christmas?


T: And now do the next exercises. You have different tasks. Lilia, Artem, Maryna, Vika find the next sentences in the text

1) Ми любимо Різдво.

 2) Ми любимо тебе, дорогий Санта!

 3) Мені хотілося б отримати нові ковзани.

 4) У нас є гарна різдвяна ялинка.

 5) Щасливого Різдва!

 6) З Новим роком!







T: Others complete the sentences

1) Adam is  ….

 2) We  ….   to go to school.

 3) Jane and Adam  help their  ….

 4) Rex is a nice   …..

 5) Adam  would like a   …...

 6) They have got a nice   ……….     tree

T: Some pupils have done individual task at home. They've written the letters to Santa Claus and now want to read them. 

Game "Make a puzzle"

T: Santa Claus has listened to your wishes and prepared presents for you. But now he asks you to pack the presents for children. Let's play a game. Make a puzzle of these parts of the picture. Each picture consists of four parts.

Fun time

T: And now sing a song " Santa Claus is coming to town"

Listening Comprehension

Pre – listening

T: Children, Santa Claus has a video  letter to you. Look at the screen, listen to the Santa’s letter and than put the sentences in the right order according the text

While- listening

Dear children,

    Merry Christmas! The  elves and I are very busy getting ready for Christmas and I’m really excited that we’ll be visiting you in Berdiansk.

    Have you been good boys and girls this year? I’ve been making a list and checking it twice and it says that you’ve been nice. I’m very proud of you. I love bringing toys to little children who are kind to others and listen to their parents.

    Mrs. Claus has been baking Christmas cookies for all the elves so they have the plenty of energy to build lots of toys. Your parents told me what would you like for Christmas. I know the elves are making something special for you.

    Have a very merry Christmas!


Post- listening

And now put the sentences in the right order.

  1. Your parents told me what would you like for Christmas.
  2. The  elves and I are very busy getting ready for Christmas and I’m really excited that we’ll be visiting you in Berdiansk.
  3. Mrs. Claus has been baking Christmas cookies for all the elves so they have the plenty of energy to build lots of toys.
  4. I’ve been making a list and checking it twice and it says that you’ve been nice.
  5. I know the elves are making something special for you.


Group work

T: There is a tradition to decorate Christmas tree for Christmas and New Year. Santa needs your help to decorate Christmas tree. Listen to me and choose the right names of the decorations and put on the tree.

(A red star, 3 blue flags, 2 angels, 2 purple bells, 1rosy bell, 2snowflakes, 2 yellow toys, 2 red toys)

T: You helped Santa very much. He thanks you and gives some presents

III. Summing- up

T: So, our lesson is going to be over in a few minutes. You've work hard today. I'm satisfied with your answers at the lesson. Your marks are good for...., excellent for...


For the next lesson write a letter to Santa Claus.

T: And now let's sing a song and wish a Merry Christmas everybody



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