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Урок "Food Quiz" для 4 класу

Про матеріал
Конспект уроку Food Quiz стане внагоді вчителям практикам та різноманітні вправи сподобаються учням
Перегляд файлу

     Subject: English

Korotych Lyceum, Kharkiv Region, Ukraine

Teacher: Oganesian Lusine Vaagnovna

Form: 4-B

Topic: “Food Quiz”

Objectives:                   a) educative: to teach

    - dialogical speech

- monological speech (describing what food you like to eat)

- how to сook different items of food

    - the vocabulary on the topic

- to revise and to train grammar structures there is, there are, how much / many

  to develop the ability and skills of reading, writing, listening

                                          and speaking, using the Internet


- interactive tests performed on the computer.

    - countable, uncountable nouns

- reciting poems, singing songs

- having group work

- presenting projects on the topic


                   b) developing: to develop

    - ps. processes

- the ability to perceive the information while hearing

- to speak in a dialogue form

- to ask and answer the questions

c) educational: to educate

    a harmoniously developed personality

    - love, care for healthy eating

    - a polite and attentive listener

- the respective attitude to the people

 - development of motivation for learning a foreign language


Materials: tape - recorder, computer, whiteboard, multimedia projector, flashcards of 

food, worksheets http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/worksheets/food-flashcards  diplomas, a computer program "Multi Tester"

Time: 40 minutes


The Procedure of the Lesson


I. Organizing a lesson. Greetings.

1) The Icebreaker Game

The teacher comes into the classroom and pupils make a circle. The teacher asks pupils to turn left/right and say “Hello! Have a nice day!” to their neighbors (P1 – P2 – P3 …: Hello! Have a nice day!)


2) Sand - glass

   T: During this lesson you will deepen and widen your knowledge on the topic given. But first, look at this sand-glass. What are your expectations of the lesson? Write them down on these sheets of paper and stick them to the   top of the sand-glass.

Teacher: It’s time to say “Good morning!” And start our lesson.

Pupils: Good morning!

Teacher:  Good morning, smiling faces. How are you? OK?! I hope we'll have a wonderful time together. Listen! Somebody is knocking. Who are you? Come in, please. Oh, dear, do you know who he is? (Children watch the story and guess).  http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/short-stories/the-hungry-dragon

Pupils:  He is a hungry dragon.

Teacher:  How are you, Dragon?  What are you going to do now?

Dragon: Well I am really hungry I would like to invite our children to “Food Quiz” to the British Council.

Teacher:  Really? When is it?

Dragon:  Just now. Today we are going to have  the

“Food Quiz”, test your food knowledge and decide who can cook  the tastiest, the most exotic and the best food for me. They will get  these diplomas. He introduces the teams and the captains. Then the rules are explained: the Quiz consists of five parts. In them teams will get points for the right answers.




II. Warmer (writing and critical thinking)









Dragon: Don’t forget to say “Bingo” to be the first!

III. Reading and Practising Grammar:

1) The teacher explains the rule:

How do you count uncountable nouns? You can't, but you can measure them. You have to use “counters”!

You can put something into a container to count it, but the thing you're counting doesn't

 take the plural form. The container takes the plural form:

How much ....? = uncountable nouns

For example: How much coffee do you drink?

How many ....? = countable nouns

For example: How many cups of coffee do you drink?


2) Vocabulary http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/worksheets/food-flashcards


Teacher: I say nouns and the groups in turn add "how much" or "how many".

Dragon:  Each correct answer gets 1 point. The group with the most points is the winner in this activity.

 3) Speaking

  Teacher:  cheese                         

  Group B S1   how much cheese?

  Teacher: water 

  Group A S2 : how many water? 

  Teacher:   Wrong! "How much water?"  Group A gets no point.

  Teacher: eggs                             

  Group B S1 : how many eggs?


  • (Сomputer  testing )

4) Fill in "How much" or "How many":

1. How much / How many bread do you want?

2. How much / How many eggs are there in the fridge?

3. How much / How many biscuits have you got?

4. How much / How many milk do you want?

5. How much / How many butter is there on the plate?

6. How much / How many glasses are there on the table?

IV.  Relaxation (Listening Comprehension):

Dragon:  Do you like chicken, rice and peas? Do you like chocolate cake? Do you like blackcurrant juice?

 Pupils:  We do! And Sing  this song all about yummy food for you.

(Ps take the worksheets, Sing the song   and do some actions

Listen to the CD “Chocolate cake” http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/songs/chocolate-cake

V. Reading Comprehension:

Teacher: Play with Friends, we continue Food – Quiz.

 Do you know your pizza from your curry? Try this food quiz on the computers and test your food knowledge.


Dragon: What comments have you typed? Please, comment the game, boys and girls.

P1:I just love hamburgers and now I know the first one was made in 1885 because they are yummy and red !!!

P2: It was short but very interesting.

P3: I like bananas the most famous and popular fruits in the world because they are yummy!!!

P4: This is a very useful exercise. I’ve learnt a lot. Thank you very much British Council! 

VI. Summary of the lesson.

Dragon: Hurray, children I am still very hungry!

Pupils:  Let's cook and treat the dragon!

Teacher: Practise words for cooking and find out if you are a good cook


P1: Wow, I’ m a super cook!

P2: Oh, yes, I’m a good cook!

P3: And I’m a hungry cook!

Teacher and Dragon:  Thank you for your good work! Your marks are excellent! Take your diplomas and let’s drink some English tea together.




Oganesian Lusine
24 лютого 2019
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