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Розробка уроку на тему " Місце, де я живу"

Про матеріал
Розробка уроку на тему " Місце, де я живу" для учнів 4-5 класів при вивченні теми " Моє місто та будівлі в ньому"
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Тема: The place where I live

Підтема: The place where I live

Цілі уроку:

1) практичні: формування мовленнєвих навичок та вмінь.

2) загальноосвітні: вивчення лексичного матеріалу теми та вживання структури There is/There are, відпрацювання в мовленні лексичних одиниць,

3) розвивальні: формувати вміння використовування структури There is/There are в мовленні, розвивати логічне мислення, увагу, пам'ять, розвивати навички роботи в парах;

4) виховні: виховувати вміння співпрацювати в парах та групах, культуру спілкування.

Засоби навчання: дошка, робочі зошити, картинки, роздатковий матеріал.


Хід уроку

І. Початок уроку. Організація класу.

1. Привітання

T:   Good morning children!

P:   Good morning teacher!

T:   Sit down, please! I am glad to see you!

2. Мовленнєва розминка

Work in pairs or groups of three. Name two things that:

1.     are very expensive.

2.     you can use to write with.

3.     have a nice smell.

4.     can make you feel happy.

5.     are yellow.

ІІ. Основна частина уроку

1. Перевірка домашнього завдання.

What was your home task for today? Lets check.

2. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

T: Look at the blackboard please. You see separate letters. Try to make up a word. (CITY). The topic of our today’s lesson is «The place where I live». The place where we all live is our city that is called ... Krivoj Rog. Today we will learn new words, grammar construction, do some exercises. Let’s start to work.

3. Представлення нових слів

T: Look at the blackboard, read and write down in your dictionaries.

a post office • a bus stop / a bus station • a cafe • a railway station

a supermarket • a market place • a school • a museum • a cathedral • a fountain a church • a cinema • a square • a park • a taxi rank • a bank • a monument

a travel agency

(pupils repeat them in unison and individually)

T: Now I’ll show you a picture. Please be attentive. This is a park ... a park. The park is big. What is the Ukrainian for 'a park, children?- Who can guess?

4. Фізична хвилинка.

Are you tired? Then let`s do the exersices. Stand up, please. . Do our


5. Закріплення.

1) Exercises in finding the necessary words among those suggested.

T: Let’s play a game. Work in groups of four. Each group has one card. You should Pick out the words which denote different places: (1) a school, (2) a cup, (3) a blackboard, (4) a park, (5) a travel agency, (6) a picture, (7) a railway station- pupils are expected to take (1), (4), (5), (7). Let’s check. Well-done.

2) Automation of learners’ actions with new words.

2.1) T: Open your book, page 140. Look at the picture and agree with me if I am right.  T: I see a bus station in this city. Am I right?

P: Yes, you are right. I see a bus station in this city too.

I see  a cinema in this city.

I see a post office in this city.

I see a club in this city.

I see a museum in this city.

2.2) T: Correct me if I am wrong. I see a post office in this city. It is in the High Street.  

     P: You are wrong, the post office is in Station Street.

2.3) T: Answer the questions. Where is the post office?

2.4) A guessing game. The teacher, or one of the pupils, thinks of a word. Pupils try to guess the word by asking va­rious questions: Is it a ...? Is it big or small?

6. Teaching grammar material

6.1. Presentation

T: Today we will learn a new English structure "There is/There are". Page 141, read and translate the examples.

T: Now let me stress clearly about this structure.
We use there is (there’s), or there are (no short form) to say that something or someone exists, usually in a specific place. You should use there is in singular, when you speak about one thing, and there are in plural, when you speak about many things.

6.3. Practice

Now let’s do some exercises, look at the exercise, work in pairs and put  is or are.

  1.                           There........ a cinema in my city.
  2.                           There....a church in a village.
  3.                           There .........a supermarket and a café in this street.
  4.                           There .........the bus stop near the school.
  5.                           There …..a fountain in the park.

Choose the right sentences:

 1.a) There is a café in this street.

    b) There are cafe in this street.

2.a) There are a bus station and a railway station in this village.

    b) There is a bus station and a railway station in this village.

3.a) There is a market place near the church.

   b) There are a market place near the church.

ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку

1. Hometask

So, the lesson is coming to its end. Your home task is  to do exercise 5, 6, page 142.

2. Evaluation 

Т: Thank you for your active work today. Your marks for the lesson are excellent and good.

3. Summing up.                                                                                                                       T:  Let’s sum up the information you’ve learnt today. Now you can say more about your city, you know what the construction There is/There are means.


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