Урок-гра в 4 класі "English homes"

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Щоб зацікавити учнів предметом дуже ефективним меодом є використання нестандартних уроків. Пропоную при вивченні теми "Англійські домівки " поділити клас на команди, які за кожне правильно виконане завдання отримуватимуть бали.

Перегляд файлу


- to develop reading and speaking skills;

- to develop listening comprehension;

- to present and practise new vocabulary;

- to teach pupils cooperate in  groups;

- to develop pupils' creativity.



1. Warming up

Game "Snowball"

T. Let's play a game. Make up sentences to describe Ukrainian homes.

P1. There is a table in the house.

P2. There is a table and a sofa in the house.


T. Now answer my questions:

- What rooms are there in your house?

- What are there in your bedroom?

- What are there in your living-room?

 Today we are going to visit English homes. You'll learn what English homes are.

But during the lesson you will work in two teams. For every task you will get a letter. Task is correct - a  red letter, something wrong in your task - a green letter, task is not correct - no letter.

At the end of the lesson you'll have  WELL  DONE!  Colour of your letters depends on you.


2. Vocabulary work

New words:







T. Rely on your intuition and try to guess the meaning of these words.

Now guess different puzzles. (WB p. 91)

For this task you will get W.



3. Listening

T. Listen to the text English homes p. 130

True or false: (letter E)

1. English families live only in flats.

2. There are two floors in typical English house.

3. The kitchen is usually a favourite in the house.

4. They usually have a fireplace in the living room.

5. They call the kitchen their sitting-room.


4. Reading

T. Read the text once more and find out:

- rooms of  the English house;

- furniture you can see in the house

Now fill in to see the difference: (letter L)



English house

Ukrainian house












T. Choose a, b or c and complete the sentences: (letter L)

1. There are ________ floors in the traditional English home.

a) tree        b) two    c) one

2. The bedrooms are usually ___________

a) upstairs    b) downstairs

3. ___________ is usually the favourite room in the house.

a) kitchen    b) living - room   c) bathroom

4. Englishmen usually have a ___________ in their sitting-room.

a) round table   b) bookcase     c) fireplace

5. Englishmen often say: "East or West _________  is best".

 a) fireplace      b) Living-room   c) home



Physical activity

Stand up! Hands up! Hands down!

Hands to the sides! Bend left! Bend right!

10 little boys can stand up straight,

10 little boys can make a gate,

10 little boys can make a ring,

10 little boys can bow to the king,

10 little boys can dance all day,

10 little boys can hide away.

5. Speaking

T. In your teams discuss the proverb  "There is no place like home". Compare your opinions and present it to the class. (letter D)


6. Interview

T. Imagine that someone from your group is from England. Ask him/her questions about his/her house. (letter O)

- Do all people in England  live in their own houses?

- Which rooms are usually upstairs/downstairs?

- What do the British think of their homes?


7. Writing

T. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks. (letter N)

1. There is a round table __________________  the  room.

2. There is a vase ______________  the table.

3. There is a window __________  the table.

4. There is a sofa ___________ the wall on the right.

5. There are two armchairs  ______________ .

6. There is a small table _____________ the armchairs.

7. There is a picture  ____________  the small table.

8. Look! There is a dog ___________  the sofa.






in the middle of


on the left

in front of



8. A minute of creativity

T. Draw a house of your dream and describe it. (letter E)


9. Summing up

T. What was new and interesting for you during the lesson?

Would you like to live in the English house? Why?

Let's sum up your results to see which team have won today.


10. Homework

ex. 4 - p. 131

This is Janet. She is from England.

 She wants to know about your house.

 Tell her about it.


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