Урок-гра в 6 класі "In London"

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Урок у вигляді гри, де учні поділені на дві команди і отримують букви за кожне правильно виконане завдання, щоб в кінці себе оцінити
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  • to develop reading and speaking skills;
  • to teach pupils to cooperate in groups;
  • to teach pupils to read and speak about London ( its parts and sights);
  • to revise the definite article “the”.


The motto of the lesson: “If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”.



  1. Warming -  up

T: What is the capital of Great Britain?

Can you show London on the map?

Now take a card in order to know what group you belong to. (Pupils are divided into two groups: Big Ben and British Museum.)

What can you say about the proverb on the blackboard?


  1. Reading 

Pupils read the text “London” in teams and do the task “True or false”


London is the capital of Great Britain. It is its political, economic and cultural centre. London is one of the largest and most interesting cities in the world. London is situated on the river Thames. The city is very old and beautiful.

There are four main parts in London. They are Westminster, the City, the West End and the East End.

Westminster is the historical centre of London. One of the most beautiful places is Westminster Abbey. In the Poets’ corner you can see many monuments to great English poets and writers.

The City is the oldest part of London. There are many banks there. Many Englishmen work there.

The West End is the part where rich people live. It is the most beautiful part of London. There are the best hotels, restaurants, shops, clubs, parks and houses there.

The East End is the fourth main part of London. There are many factories there. The Port of London is situated there.

London has many sights. There are many large parks, squares, theatres and museums in London. One of the most interesting sights is the Houses of Parliament. There you can see famous Big Ben. This tower clock is the symbol of London. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace. In London you should also visit Trafalgar Square, Regent’s Park, the British Museum and other sights. You can get to these places by bus, train or underground.


True or false:

  1. London is the largest city in the world.
  2. The capital of Great Britain is very young and beautiful.
  3. There are three main parts in London.
  4. There are many banks in the City.
  5. There is the Port of London is the East End.
  6. The best hotels are in the City.
  7. The West End is the oldest part of London.


If the group has done the task correctly they are given the red letter “L”, if something is not correct they are given the green letter “L”. Not correct at all – no letter.


  1. Writing practice

Fill in the sentences with “the” where necessary:

  1. On ____ Wednesday we read an article about ____ Crimea.
  2. There are four parts in ____ United Kingdom of ____ Great Britain and ___ Northern Ireland.
  3. My cousin is from ___ Ukraine.
  4. ___ Cherkasy is on ___ Dnieper river.
  5. Show me ___ Canary Islands on the map.
  6. ___ Browns speak ___ Spanish very well.
  7. ___ Nile is the longest river in ___ Africa.

  Correctly – red letter “O”, something isn’t correct – green letter “O”, not correctly – no letter.

4. Word dictation

T. reads the words and pupils put them down: capital, river, beautiful, historical, Westminster, English poets, hotels, shops, clubs, tower clock, symbol, underground.

All the words correctly – red letter “N”, not all the words – green letter “N”, no words – no letters.



Answer the questions:

  1. What is London?
  2. Where is London situated?
  3. What are the parts of London?
  4. What is the City?
  5. What is the West End?
  6. What is the East End?
  7. What is the Westminster?
  8. What is the symbol of London?
  9. What are the sights of London?

Letter “D”.


6.Game “A visit to London

Imagine that you are a guide in London. Retell tourists about the city.

Letter “O” is given to teams.



Remember about London. Complete the dialogues with the words: The National Gallery, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the Nelson Column.

A: We are in the center of London. Look, here is________________.

B: What is that building to the left of us?

A: This is __________________________ . It has got a fine collection of paintings.

B: What monument is there in the center of the square?

A: This monument is called ______________________________ .Admiral Nelson is a famous person in the history of the country.


A: Now we are coming to _________________. It is a meeting place of six streets.

B: I know the home of the Queen is ______________________. Can we go there?

A: Sure. And we can watch the changing of the Guard there at 11 a.m.

Letter “N” is given to the teams.


8.Summing -  up

T: What word have you got? The winner is the team that has got more red letters.

Was the lesson interesting for you?

Your homework is oral report about London.


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