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Урок на тему "Sport "

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Заняття спортом- один з найбільш поширених розваг у світі.Завдяки спорту люди не лише залишаються здоровими,але й знайомляться з новими людьми,вступають в клуби та й підтримують здоровий дух.
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  • to develop students’ communicative and writing skills, train them in reading and listening comprehension;
  •  to develop students’ thinking, creative imagination; interactive communication;
  •  To develop students’ interest in sport.

Equipment: carts, instructions, pictures, a tape recorder, an audiocassette, a textbook, note book.










1. Introduction

T: Good morning my dear pupils. How are you?

P: Good morning, teacher. We are fine, thank   you.

T: Arrange the letters in the right order and you’ll get the topic of our lesson “ROPTS”. You are quite right! It’s “SPORT”. Today we’ll talk about different kinds of sports, what one should do to keep fit. We are going to learn about the Olympic Games. You will listen to the text about the first Olympic Games and we’ll discuss it. At the end of the lesson we’ll learn a song about sport.

2. Warming-up

T: a) Learn the proverb and comment on it:

“A sound mind in a sound body.”

Repeat please

Who can translate it?

Comment on it. What do you do to be halthy? What do you suggest and individual should do to keep fit?

-get rid of bed habits;

-do much exercises;

-avoid eating junk food;

-eat vitamins;

-go in for sport.

T: b) Answer the following questions filling in the spidergrame.

c) Look at the pictures and say what kind of sport each of them presents.

Figure skating, table tennis, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, cycling, football, diving, skiing, fencing, climbing, boxing. Do you know this boxer?


T: What do you think, why is sport so popular?

P: People all over the world are fond of sport. That’s why it’s one of the things which unites people. Every morning all the year round people do their morning exercises.

P: Television programs about sport are very popular.

P: Sport helps people to remain healthy. There are different kinds of sport: summer and winter, indoor and outdoor.

P: Every 4 years the Olympic Games take place.

T: Do you know anything about the last Olympic Games?

The last Olympic Games took place in London United Kingdom from 27 July to 12 August. Ukraine left London with a total of 20 Olympic medals ( 6 gold, 5 silver, and 9 bronze).


4. Listening

T: Do you know about the first Olympic Games? So, let’s listen to the text, twice, about the first Olympic Games and then you are to choose the correct answer Ex.1(b) p.52

5.Vocabulary practice

T: And now let’s play a game “Make up a word”. I’ll divide you into two groups. On one side of the blackboard team A write words and team B on the other side. The member of each team runs to the blackboard and takes a card. The are some letters on the cards you are to put up a word using the letters and write down this word on the blackboard. Who’ll be quicker?

o, m, c, n, h, i, p, a                    champion      

a, с, t, m, h                                 match

o, t, f, l, b, a, l, o                        football

l, g, a, o                                      goal

k, o, c, y, h, e                             hockey

n, s, t, e, i, n                               tennis

k, i, s, t, a, g, n                           skating

c, a, r, e                                      race

m, i, w, n, m, g, i, s                    swimming

k, t, a, r, a, e                               karate

i, i, k, s, g, n                               skiing

n, i, r, n, u, g, n                           running

p, i, g, j, m, u, n                        jumping

m, b, i, g, c, l, i, n                       climbing

n, f, I, g, e, c, n                            fencing

The winner is team…

 6. Reading

T: Your task is to read the text and answer the questions Ex 3 p. 53

7. Warming-up


8. Listening

T: Listen and learn the poem Ex4 p.53


T: your task for the next lesson will be Ex.1,2                                                                                                                                                                                              p.31-32 WB

10. Summarizing

T: Today you have known a lot of facts about the first Olympic Games

And little advice for you

-get up early and go to bed early;

-do sport;

-take regular exercises;

-take a cold shower every day;

-eat halthy food and never smoke;

-wash the hands before you eat;

-clean your teeth twice a day.

















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