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Урок "Наша планета потребує допомоги"

Про матеріал
Мета уроку:ознайомити з новими лексичними одиницями, активізувати вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал, розвивати вміння та навички читання, письма, усного монологічного та діалогічного мовлення, виховувати любов та бережливе ставлення до нашої планети.
Перегляд файлу

     Тема «Наша планета потребує допомоги»


• навчальна: ознайомити з новими лексичними одиницями, активізувати вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал, розвивати вміння та навички читання, письма, усного монологічного та діалогічного мовлення, збільшення обсягу знань про соціокультурну специфіку мови країни, що вивчається, вдосконалення умінь будувати своє мовне висловлювання, мовну поведінку адекватно цій специфіці;

• розвиваюча: розвивати логічне мислення, увагу та зорову пам'ять, спостережливість, удосконалювати фонетику й артикуляцію звуків, розвивати усні комунікативні уміння з опорою на наочність;

• виховна: виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні свої знань, скріплення навчального матеріалу з життям, загальну культуру учнів, толерантність один до одного.

Обладнання: картки з текстом для читання, постери,   картки з  різно-манітними заняттями, запис пісень.


Greeting and Aim

T. Good morning, pupils! Today we are going to read the text “Our planet needs help” and discuss it at our lesson. We will also study some new words for the topic.


T. Listen to the song and sing it all together.

                     The future’s in our hands.

We want to see blue seas,

We want to see green trees,

We are defenders of our land.

We want to breath clean air,

We want to show we care,

We know the future’s in our hands.

We want to see birds fly,

Up into a clear sky,

We are defenders of our land,

We want to see flowers grow,

To pollution we say, “No!”

We know the future’s in our hands.

Vocabulary Practice.

T. Before we start reading a text look at the blackboard. There you can see new words to the topic. Repeat them after me clearly.

A factory

Nuclear weapon test


A rainforest


To cause

To breathe

To pollute

To take care of

T. Let’s make sentences with these words.

Reading skills.

 T. Read the text, translate it and discuss.

                                        OUR PLANET NEEDS HELP.

        Our planet has taken care of us for thousands of years. We have hot food, clothes, water, light, etc. But look at what we’ve done!

        We have polluted many rivers, seas and lakes.

        We have thrown rubbish from our cities into the oceans. This has killed millions of fish.

        We have cut down thousands of trees, most of them in tropical rainforests. This has killed animals and plants, and they have disappeared forever.

        We have polluted the air with our cars and factories. Now we’ve got serious health problems for thousands of people all over the world! More and more people fight against nuclear tests and nuclear weapons. But will they in?

        What each of us can personally do to help protect the environment?

        We would be glad to work out the ideas together. The “English Bridge” is waiting for your letters with suggestions and advices!


T. Complete the sentences according to the text above.


  1. Our planet has given us …
  2. People have polluted …
  3. People have thrown …
  4. Water pollution has killed …
  5. People have cut down …
  6. Cutting down the trees has killed …
  7. People have polluted the air with …
  8. Now people have serious …
  9. More people fight against …

10.Each of us has to do something to …


T. Match two parts according to the text and make sentences with these word combinations.


To pollute

millions of fish

To kill

rubbish into oceans

To cut

down nature

To have

rivers and lakes

To help

animals and plants

To work

out trees in the forests

To throw

care of nuclear tests and weapons

To take

serious health problems

To fight against

the ideas and suggestions



T. Have you ever heard about a “recycling drive”? Have you ever had it at school? Read the poster, thing and complete it for the recycling drive at school.





  • Please save plastic bottles, cans and glasses. Bring them to school and we will … them for recycling.
  • Do you … lot’s of magazines and …? When you have finished reading them, please give them to us. We try to recycle to save the forests.
  • Please save electricity and … Always turn off the lights when you leave a room. Always remember to save water!


Grammar Practice.

T. Choose and complete the sentences.


    1)… should waste water.

  1. nobody    b) everybody    c) somebody    d) something


  1. Farmers cut down rainforests … they want to use the land.

   a) but     b) because    c) so    d) and


     3) A zebra … a horse but it has strips.

    a) looks    b) looks like    c) likes    d) look like


     4) Children … be polite to teachers.

    a) shouldn’t    b) are usually    c) should    d) often


     5) … tigers in this cage?

    a) is there    b) was there    c) there any    d) are there any


     6) … ever thrown any rubbish in the street?

    a) you are    b) have you    c) you    d) have


      7) People have destroyed rainforests and many animals … now.

    a) have disappeared   b) disappeared   c) will disappear   d) are disappearing


     8) Pandas need … 600 bamboo cans every day.

   a) eating     b) to eat     c) eats     d) ate


     9) The water was so polluted  that the fish … .

    a) dying     b) has died     c) died     d) dies


     10) The protection of the Earth … many efforts.

    a) is demanding    b) demand    c) demands    d) demanded


     11) I think, zoos perform a useful role and … not be closed down.

    a) need     b) may     c) might     d) should





T. Read the rules that the “Clean Up the Countryside Club” group has worked out.











T. Do you think these rules can help? Which of them are the most important? What will you add? Imagine that your friends and you decided to start a “Clean Up Our Town Club”. What’s your plan?


Ending the Lesson

T.  Nice work, children. Our lesson is coming to an end.
Look at the apple. Imagine it’s our Earth. I’m cutting it into 4 pieces: Three quarters of the Earth surface is water and only 1/4 is land. One half of it is habitable. The rest of the land is desert, mountains, frozen ice-caps and other places where people cannot live in. And now I’m cutting this half into four parts. It’s impossible to believe but only 1/32 gives us food and shelter. And it will be a catastrophe if we destroy it.

– I’d like you to think over this problem much more serious and find out ways to save our planet.

A song «Save the planet».



Read p. 109, ex. 2, 3.


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